The Stealer Of My Soul Poem by buried alive

The Stealer Of My Soul

Rating: 4.8

She was smart, way too pretty
the kind of girl I'd never get.
should've known that she would leave me
should've known I wouldnt forget!

She had blue green eyes; a big wide smile
and thighs that held you tight.
She's break your heart; she'd set your heart
on fire every night!

Met her in college, when I was 20,
never knew a girl like her.!
said she loved me!
she would save me!
she would be my own, forever!

Got me thinking, got me feeling
looking hard at what I am,
If only I knew how to love a woman
maybe she'd want me as a man.

but I was young
and I knew nothing,
never knew that things don't last.
so she let me slip and slide away
until I vanished in her past.

Now time will come and time will go,
you'd better live
before your old.
you'd better love, before you die
but don't hang on or wonder why!

Forget your dreams! forget your goals!
forget your worries, forget it all!
a girl like her will come along

and when she leaves

...........SHE'S GOT YOUR SOUL

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,soul,women
Mihaela Pirjol 26 March 2017

'' you'd better love, before you die but don't hang on or wonder why! '' This could be a perfect refrain to this perfect song you just wrote! There is musicality within these verses; there is passion; there is love: there is Fire! That is what you need to set the hearts on fire! Imagine a guitar....

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Daniel Jones 25 March 2017

i felt like i was reading my own thoughts, the love that escapes and takes a part of you with them, the person you were, everything you gave them, Loved reading this! they all get our souls!

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