The Symbol Of The Cross Poem by Adedolapo Olisa

The Symbol Of The Cross

Who will I be?
depression sure will have revamped me
I bow my mind in adoration
To a truth that humbles my being

Stripes deeper in pain than swipes
Jesus absorbs my guilt with joy
Humiliation was the pathway to his glorification
He walked the way without hate but compassion

The symbol of the cross is more than a memory
It is more than a journey
It is a melody to be sung and remembered in my heart

At Calvary, he died to take the sting of death
Jesus went to hell's depth
To create a new path to our father on high
He proved to be the one awaited through the sky
The Messiah of all mankind

The story of the Cross is all about Jesus
It is not just to me like another fiction
This is the truth relayed through the deepest affection
This is Love much more than of a dove
It is the symbol upon which my salvation is rooted

The death of one that lives and lies fresh
From generation to the next
This death transcends it's attempted murderers
It lives to be a symbol of even murderer's redemption
It is plain, simple and true

Every attribute of excellent attitude at calvary is displayed
the enemy of it's occurrence watched helplessly in dismay
Jesus toppled temptation by persecution
He gave a glimpse for the reason for his father's glorification
Which it is the now route to my salvation

Jesus suffered depression from rejection
That I might look to his love to find a cure
Jesus turned his back on sin
that He might show me that sin belongs in my mind's bin
Jesus said the difficult words of love
That my difficulty might be at ease
Jesus walked the lonely path of death
That in my death in Him I might live

The Symbol of the Cross
What a foreknowledge of the creator and His Word
That Him whom bore the wrath of God
Might be strengthened by the knowledge far beyond
The Symbol of the Cross

Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

Ilorin, Kwara state.
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