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The Tale On The Dead Princess And The Seven Bogatyrs Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - Poem by Yuri Starostin

The tale on the dead princess and the seven bogatyrs Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin
The tsar farewell with the tsaritsa,
Has been filled to the journey-travel,
And the tsaritsa sat down
At the window to wait for him alone.
Waiting- will wait from a morning till a night,
Looking in the field, then an eyes
Pain to looking for
From a white dawn till a night;
Don't to see the beloved friend!
Only sees: a blizzard winds,
A snow falls on the fields,
All earth is white.
A nine months passes,
She do not avert a sight from the field.
Here God gives to the tsaritsa a daughter
In the most Cristmass eve in the night.
Early morning the desired guest
Awaited so long a night and a day,
The tsar-father return
From a far side finally.
She looked at him,
Sighed hardly,
The admire is not bear out,
And died to a mass.

The tsar was inconsolable for a long time,
But how to be? and he was a sinner;
A year passed as an empty dream,
The tsar married on another.
A truth to say, a damsel
Was, and indeed, the tsaritsa:
Tall, slender, white
And took by the mind and by all;
But in force to be proud, do a crowbar,
Capricious and jealous.
The one mirror was
Given in her dowry;
A pocket mirror had the property:
To say it can.
Only to it she was
Good-natured, cheerful,
Only to it she joked amiably
And, showing on, said:
'My light, mirror! tell
Yes tell me all truth:
Either I am fairest of all,
More ruddy also more whiter of all? '
And the mirror response to her:
'You are, of course, no doubt;
You are, tsaritsa, sweeter of all,
More ruddy of all also more white'.
And the tsaritsa to laugh,
And to shake by her shoulders,
And to wink by the eyes,
And to presenceat by the fingers,
And to spin akimbo,
To look proudly in the mirror.

But the young princess,
Under the rose, bloomed,
Meanwhile, grew and grew,
Rose -and have bloomed,
White-faced, black,
Such meek temper.
And the groom was found her
The King's Son Eliseey.
The woo arrived, the tsar gave the word,
And the dowry is ready:
The seven trading cities
Yes the hundred forty towers.

Going on a bachelorette party,
So, the tsaritsa, dressing up
In front of her mirror,
Talking with it:
'Either I am, tell me, fairest of all,
More ruddy of all and more whiter? '
What do the mirror in response?
'You are beautiful, no doubt;
But the princess is sweeter of all,
More ruddy of all and more white '.
So the tsaritsa will leap out
Yes so swing an arm,
Yes so to clap on the mirror,
So will stomp by a heel! ..
'Oh, you are a filthy glass!
This you lie me do an evil.
How to compete her to me?
I will calm down a folly.
Look has grown kind!
And no wonder is white:
The pregnant mother was sitting
Yes only stared on a snow!
But tell me: how can she
To be more fairest than me?
Confess: I'm beautiful of all.
Bypass all our Kingdom,
Though a whole world; No equal me.
Right? ' The mirror response:
'And the princess is lovelier still,
Still more ruddy and more white'.
Nothing to do. She is
Full of an black envy,
Throw the mirror under the bench,
Called to her Chernavka
And punishes her,
To her hay girl,
Lead the princess in the wild forest
And bound her, live,
Under a pine tree to rest there
To a wolves.

A devil will cope with an angry baba?
There is nothing to argue. Here Chernavka
And the princess went in the forest
And lead in that far side,
That the princess guessed
And scared a death,
And cried out: 'My life!
What is, tell me, I am guilty?
Do not kill me, girl!
And when I will be tsaritsa,
I will grant you'.
She, loving her in a soul,
Do not killed, do not knitted,
Let go and said:
'Do not grief, God is with you.'
And she came home.
'What is? -tsaritsa said her, -
Where is the beautiful maiden? '
There, in the forest, there is alone, -
She answers her. -
Tightly tied her elbows;
Will fall into the clutches of the beast,
Will be less her to suffer
Will be easier to die.

And the rumor began to ring:
The daughter of the Tsar was gone!
The poor king grieve on her.
The King's Son Eliseey,
Having prayed fervently to God,
Sent on the road
For the beautiful soul,
For the young bride.

But the young bride
Wandering before the dawn in the forest,
Meanwhile still go Yes go
And has come to the tower.
A dog meet her, barking,
It ran and stopped playing;
She has entered into the gate,
There is a silence in the yard.
The dog runs after her, caressing,
And the princess, getting,
Climbed on the porch
And took for the ring;
The door was quietly opened,
And the princess fare
In a bright room; around
A stalls, covered by an carpet
The oak table under the holies
An oven with the tiled bench.
The girl sees, that
A good people live here;
Know will not offend her!
Meanwhile nobody to visible.
The princess walked home,
Cleen up all by an order,
Lit a candle to God,
Flooded hot a stove,
Climbed on the shelf
And quietly went to bed.

A lunch time was approaching,
The brattle was heard across the yard:
The seven bogatyrs enter,
A seven ruddy barbels.
The elder said: 'What is a miracle!
Everything is so clean and beautiful.
Someone tidied up a tower
Yes waited an owners.
Who do it? Go out, show on,
Friend with us honestly.
If you are an old man,
An uncle will be us forever.
If a guy you're ruddy,
A brother to us will be called.
If an old woman, be to us a mother,
And we begin to call.
If a fair maiden,
Will be a darling sister us'.

And the princess descended to them,
Gave a honor to a masters,
Bowed low in the waist;
Blushing, apologized,
That de to visit him came,
Though intended and was not.
They recognize in a moment on a speech,
That the princess they admit;
Sat in the corner,
Bring a pie;
A full shot poured,
Submit on the tray.
She renounce
From a green wine;
Just broke a patty,
Yes has bitten a piece,
And from the road to relax
Asked to go to a bed.
They have lead the girl
Up in a light front room
And left alone,
Departing to a dream.

Day after day goes by, flickering,
And the young princess
Still in the forest, not boring her
At the seven warriors.
Before the morning dawn
The brothers by a friendly crowd
Go for a walk,
To shoot a grey ducks,
To amuse a right arm,
Dismount a sorochina in the field,
Or cut off a head of the tatar
From a broad shoulders,
Or corrode from a forest
The pyatigorsk circassians.
Meanwhile alone she
Will clean and prepare
A mansion by a mistress.
To them she do not contrary,
They do not precut her.
So go a days for a days.

The brothers beloved
A pretty girl. To her in the front room
Once, only it is light,
All seven of them came in.
The elder said to her: 'Girl,
Know you are a sister to all of us,
All seven of us, we are
All love you, for yourself
To take you we are all would be for,
Yes it is impossible, for a God's sake
Reconcile us somehow:
Be a wife to one,
Other be an gentle sister.
What you shake by the head?
Either you refuse us?
Either this good does not to a merchants? '

'Oh you, fine fellows, honest,
A brothers you are my natives, -
The tsarevna says them, -
If I lie, let God tells
To go not alive me out a place.
How can I do? cause I'm a bride.
For me you are all equal,
All are daring, are smart,
All I love you heartily;
But another I am forever
Given. Darling me more all
The King's Son Eliseey is.

A brothers silently stood
Yes scratched a neap.
'A demand is not a sin. Sorry you're us -
The elder said bowing, -
If so, do not hick
So about that'. 'I don't angry, -
Quietly she said, -
And a refuse is not my fault.'
A grooms bowed,
Slowly they depart,
And according all again
Began to live and to fate.

Meanwhile, the evil tsaritsa,
Remembering about the princess,
Could not forgive her,
Long pouted and was angry
On her mirror;
Finally behold about it
And followed it, and sat
Before it, forgot an anger,
Became to view again
And said with a smile:
'Hello, mirror! tell
Yes tell me all truth:
Either I'm fairest of all,
More ruddy and more whiter of all? '
And the mirror response her:
'You are beautiful, no doubt;
But that is still fairest you
Living without any glory,
Among a green oak,
At the seven warriors.
And the tsaritsa has flown
On the Chernavka: 'How you dare
To deceive me? and in what! ..'
She admitted in all:
So and so. The evil tsaritsa is,
Threatening her by a slingshot,
Put or to live not,
Or the princess to kill.

Once the young princess,
Waiting a darling brothers,
Spun, sitting under the window.
Suddenly angrily under the porch
The dog barked, and the girl
Sees: a poor nun
Walks in the yard,
Fending off the dog by a stick. 'Wait,
Grandma, wait a little bit, '
She yells her at the window, -
Threaten to my dog
And something I am will carry'.
The chernitsa answers her:
'Oh, my baby girl!
The damn dog overpowered,
Just hasn't jammed to the death.
Look how it is deal!
Come to me.' The princess wants
Come to her and took a bread,
But only came down the porch,
The dog go at her feet and barks,
And do not admit to the old woman;
Just go the old woman to her,
He go, fiercely as a forest animals,
At the old woman. 'What is miracle?
You can see, it has slept poor, -
The princess says her: -
Get, catch! ' and the bread flies.
The old woman caught a bread:
'Thank you, ' she said. -
God bless you;
Here for you, catch! '
And the liquid
Young golden apple flies
Directly for the princess...
The dog will jump, scream...
But the princess in both arms
Clutch - caught. 'For a boredom
Eat an apple, my light.
Thank you for a dinner.'
The little old woman said,
Bowed and was gone...
And the dog runs
With the princess on the porch and sorry looks
At her face, menacing howls,
As the dog's heart aches,
As it wants to say:
Throw out! - She caress,
She gives a gentle arm;
'What, Sokolka, what is with you?
Lay down! ' and came into the room,
The door quietly shut,
Sit under the window for a yarn
Wait for the owners, and looked
Still at the apple. It is
Full a ripe juice,
So fresh and so fragrant,
So ruddy-golden,
As a honey was poured in!
Visible a seeds through...
Wait she wanted
Before a lunch; do not endured
Took the apple in the arms,
Has brought to a scarlet lips,
Slowly bitten
And swallowed a piece...
Suddenly she, my soul,
Shaken do not breathing,
Lowed a white arms,
Has droped a ruddy fruit,
Rolled up an eyes,
And she is under an image
Fell by her head on the bench
And became silent, motionless...
The brothers go home at that time
Return by the crowd
From the brave robbery.
To meet them, menacing growls,
The dog runs to the yard
Show the way them. 'Not to good! -
The brothers said: - Do not pass
A sorrow'. Rided,
Entered, gasped. Raning,
The dog rushed fast on the apple
Barking angry,
Swallowed it, fell
And died. Filled
It was by a poison, know.
The brothers are in a soul sorrow
Before the dead princess
All bow their heads down
And with a holy prayer
From the bench raised, clothed,
To bury her wanted
And hesitated. She is
As under the wing of a dream,
So quiet, fresh lay,
That just she wasn't breathing.
Waited a three days, but she do
Not risen from a dream.
Creating a sad ritual,
Here they put in a crystal coffin
A corpse of the young princess
— and bear by the crowd
In an empty mountain,
And screwed in the midnight time
Her coffin up to the six pillars
On a chains of an iron there
And was shielded by the grating;
And, before the dead sister
Creating a bow to the earth,
The elder said: 'Sleep in the grave;
Suddenly ashed, a victim of the malice,
Your beauty on the earth;
Your spirit will take the heavens.
You were beloved us
And stored for the cute -
No one received,
Only to a coffin alone.”

The evil tsaritsa on that day,
Waiting a good news
Secretly took the mirror
And was asked her question:
'Either I am, tell me, fairest of all,
More ruddy of all and more whiter? '
And has heard in the answer:
'You are, tsaritsa, no doubt,
You are fairest of all on the world,
More ruddy of all and more white'.

The King's Son Eliseey
For his bride
Meanwhile, rides on the world.
Not at all! He cries bitterly,
And he ask whom,
To all the question is wise;
Who laught in the eyes,
Who would turn away fast;
The man asked
To the red sun finally.
'Shine, our sun! You go
An round year in the sky, meeting
A winter with the warm spring,
See all of us.
Either refuse me to answer?
You didn't see anywhere in the world
The young princess?
I am her groom.' - 'You are my light, -
The red sun is answered, -
I didn't see a princess.
To know is not her alive.
Month, my neighbor,
Yes, meet her somewhere
Or noticed her trace'.

A dark night Eliseey
Waited in his melancholy.
Only a month seemed,
He followed it with the entreaty to pursue.
'Month, month, my friend,
Gold plated horn!
You stand up in the deep darkness,
Are chubby, have a clear eyes,
And, love your custom,
The stars look on you.
Or refuse me to answer?
Whether you saw anywhere in the world
The young princess?
I am her groom.' - My brother,
The bright month answers, -
I didn't see the red virgin.
I am on the lookout
Only in my turn.
The princess without me, you see,
Ran'. - 'How is sad! ' -
The King Son answered.
The bright month continued:
'Wait a minute; it may be
The wind knows, will help.
You go to it now!
Don't mourn, goodbye.'

Elisha, do not despond,
Rushed to the wind, crying:
'Wind, wind! You are mighty,
You herd the flocks of a clouds,
You do weary a blue sea,
Everywhere blowing in the space,
Fear no one,
Except God alone.
Or refuse me to answer?
Whether you saw somewhere in the world
The young princess?
I am her groom.' - 'Wait, '
The boisterous wind answer, -
There, behind a river flowing quietly
There is a high mountain,
The deep hole in it;
The crystal coffin shakes
In that hole in the sad darkness
On the chains between the pillars.
Don't see a nobody traces
Around that empty place;
Your bride is in a coffin.'

The wind ran afar.
The King Son wept
And went to an empty place,
On the beautiful bride
To see again.
Here he goes; and
The steep mountain rose before him;
The country is empty around it;
The dark entrance under the mountain.
He goes more fast there.
The crystal coffin shakes
Before him in the sad shadows,
And the princess sleeping by an eternal sleep
In that crystal coffin.
And he hit by an all power
About the cute bride coffin.
The coffin was broken. The maiden suddenly
Revived. Looks around
By a fascinated eyes,
And, swinging on a chains,
Breathing on, said:
'How long time I have been asleep! '
And she stand from the coffin...
Ah! and both wept.
He take her in his arms
And bear to a light from the darkness,
And, talking pleasantly,
They go back in a travel,
And the rumor blows already:
The daughter of the tsar is alive!

The evil stepmother sat
At home at that time without a case
Before her mirror
And talked with it.
Saying, 'Either I am fairest of all,
More ruddy of all and more whiter? '
And she has heard in the answer:
'You are beautiful, no words,
But the princess is fairest still,
More ruddy still and more white'.
The evil stepmother, jumping,
On the floor the mirror breaking,
Run in the door right
And meet the princess.
Then the grief got her,
And the tsaritsa died.
Just do buried her,
The wedding was immediately,
And Eliseey get married
With his bride;
And no one since the beginning of the world
Never seen a such feast;
I was there, drink a honey, a beer,
Yes the moustache only dipped.

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