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The Tale On The Golden Cockerel Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - Poem by Yuri Starostin

The tale on the Golden Cockerel Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Somewhere in the three-ninth-land,
In the three-tenth-state,
There was a glorious tsar Dadon.
He was terrible since an youth
And bravely caused a resentment
To the neighbors and by the way;
But he wanted relax
In old age a military affairs
And to make a rest yourself.
Here the neighbors began to disturb
The old king,
Create the terrible damage.
That the ends of his possessions
To protect from an attacks,
He should contain
A numerous host.
A voevodas was not asleep,
But could not keep up:
Wait, sometimes from the South, behold, -
The army climbs from an East
Deal here, a dashing guests
Go from the sea. Got an anger,
Then tsar Dadon cried,
Then he forgot and a sleep.
What is a life in such anxiety!
Here he is asking for a help
Turned to the sage,
The astrologer and the scopets.
Sends him a messenger with a bow.

Here the sage do before Dadon
Was pulled out of the bag
The golden cockerel.
'You put this bird, -
He said to the tsar, -on the spoke;
My golden cockerel
Will be faithful to guard you:
If everything will be peaceful,
So he will sit quietly;
But just got a little side
To you expect a war
Or a battle force raid,
Or the other uninvited troubles,
Instant then my cockerel
Lift the comb,
Scream and quiver
And will turn to that place.
The tsar thanks the scopets,
Promises a mountains of a gold.
'For such a favor,
He says in the delight -
Your first will
I will do, as my will'.

The cockerel from the high spokes
Began to guard his borders.
A little danger is where visible,
The faithful watchman as from a sleep
Stirs, thrill
To that side will return
And shouts: 'Kiri-ku-ku.
Reign, lying on the side! '
And a neighbors restrain,
To fight did not dare:
That Tsar Dadon
Have repulsed their on all sides!

The year, the other year pass peaceful;
The chicken sits still quietly.
Once tsar Dadon
Awakened by the terrible noise:
'You are our tsar! the father of the people! -
The governor proclaims, -
Sir! Wake up! the trouble! '
'What is it, Lords? -
Says Dadon, yawning: -
And? .. Who's there? .. What is a trouble? -
The governor says:
'Cockerel again shouts;
A fear and a noise on the all capital.'
The tsar to the window - an on the needle,
Sees, beating the cock
Turned to the East.
To delay nothing, 'Hurry.
People on the horse! Hey, hurry! '
The king sends an army on the East,
His eldest son leads.
The cockerel has calmed down,
The noise subsided, and the tsar had forgotten.

Here the eight days pass,
And no a news from a troops;
It was either, it was neither a battle -
No a reports to Dadon.
The rooster shouts again.
The tsar calls the another host;
He send now the youngest son
Sends to revenue the elder son;
The cockerel has again ceased.
Again no a news from them!
Again an eight days pass;
A people spend a days in a fear;
The rooster shouts again,
The tsar calls together the third host
And leads her to the East, -
Do not knowing to be good either.

The troops are marching a day and night;
They get no ability to bear.
No a battle, no a camp,
No a burial mound
To meet tsar Dadon.
'What is a miracle? ' - he thinks.
Here the eighth day goes,
The tsar leads the army in the mountain
And sees a silk tent
Between the high mountains.
All are in the wonderful silence
Around the tent; The broken army lies
In the narrow gorge.
Tsar Dadon go hurry to the tent...
What is a terrible picture!
His two sons before him
Without a helmet and without an armor
Both is dead lie,
Plunging the sword one into the other.
Their horses roam among the meadows,
On the stamp down grass,
The bloody ant grass...
The king howled: 'Oh children, children!
The woe to me! caught in the seine
Both our falcons!
Woe! My death has come.
All howled for Dadon,
The depths of the valleys
Moaned by the heavy groan, and the heart of the mountains
Was shook. Suddenly the tent
Opened... and the maiden,
Shamahanskaya tsarine,
All shining like a dawn,
Quietly meet the tsar.
As a bird of a night before the sun,
The tsar muted, looking at her eyes,
And he has forgotten before her
A death of the both sons.
And she before Dadon
Is smiled and took his arm
With a bow
And lead in her tent.
There she seated him at the table,
Regal by the every viands;
Laid to rest
On the brocade bed.
And then, a week exactly,
Resighned her certainly
Bewitched, entranced,
Dadon feasted at her.

Finally, and the tsar went home
In the reverse travel
With his military force
And with young maiden.
The rumor ran before him,
Disclose a facts and fiction.
Their people meet by the noise
Under the capital, near the gate, -
All are running after the chariot,
For Dadon and tsarine;
Dadon are greeting all...
Suddenly he saw in the crowd,
In sarakinsky white cap
All as swan grizzled,
His old friend, skopets.
'Oh, greeting, my father, -
Said the tsar to him, ' what would you say?
Came closer! What do you order? '
Tsar! - the sage respond, -
Will reckoning finally.
Remember? for my service
You was promised to me, as to a friend,
My first will
You do as your own.
You gift me the maiden,
The shamahansky tsarine. -
Extremely the tsar was astonished.
'What are you? - He said to the elder, -
Or the demon screw in you,
Or are you crazy?
What do you took in the head?
I do, of course, promised,
But all have a border.
And why you need the maiden?
Fully, do you know who I am?
You ask from me
Though a treasury, though the rank of a boyar,
Though a horse from the royal stables,
At least half of my kingdom'.
- I don't want anything!
Gift me the damsel,
The shamahanskaya tsarine -
The wise man says in the response.
The tsar spat: 'So dashing: no!
You don't receive anything.
You torment yourself, sinner;
Get out while you are whole;
Drag the old man! '
The old man wanted to argue,
But expensive to quarrel with the same;
The tsar had him by the rod
On the forehead; and that fell on a face,
Yes, and a spirit got out. - All the capital
Shuddered, and the girl -
Hee-hee-hee! yeah ha-ha-ha!
Do not afraid to know a sin.
The tsar, though he was greatly alarmed,
Grinned at her do mild.
Here he enters in the city...
Suddenly there was a slight ringing,
And the cockerel flitter from the spokes
On the eyes of the entire capital,
Flew to the chariot
And sit on the tsar head,
Do a guiver, pecked in the top
And rose... and Dadon fell
From the chariots at this time-
Groaned again, ' and he died.
And the tsarine suddenly disappeared,
As no a case happen at all.
The tale is a lie, but it hint!
A lesson to a good fellows.

Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale

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