The Talking Back Of Miss Valentine Jones: Poem # One Poem by June Jordan

The Talking Back Of Miss Valentine Jones: Poem # One

Rating: 3.3

well I wanted to braid my hair
bathe and bedeck my
self so fine
so fully aforethought for
your pleasure
I wanted to travel and read
and runaround fantastic
into war and peace:
I wanted to
and be conquered
I wanted to pickup the phone
and find you asking me
if I might possibly be alone
some night
(so I could answer cool
as the jewels I would wear
on bareskin for you
digmedaddy delectation:)
you comin ova?"
But I had to remember to write down
margarine on the list
and shoepolish and a can of
sliced pineapple in casea company
and a quarta skim milk cause Teresa's
gaining weight and don' nobody groove on
that much
and next I hadta sort for darks and lights before
the laundry hit the water which I had
to kinda keep an eye on be-
cause if the big hose jumps the sink again that
Mrs. Thompson gointa come upstairs
and brain me with a mop don' smell too
nice even though she hang
it headfirst out the winda
and I had to check
on William like to
burn hisself to death with fever
boy so thin be
callin all day "Momma! Sing to me?"
"Ma! Am I gone die?" and me not
wake enough to sit beside him longer than
to wipeaway the sweat or change the sheets/
his shirt and feed him orange
juice before I fall out of sleep and
Sweet My Jesus ain but one can
and we not thru the afternoon
and now
you (temporarily) shownup with a thing
you says' a poem and you
call it
"Will The Real Miss Black America Standup?"

guilty po' mouth
about duty beauties of my
boozeup doozies about
never mind
cause love is blind

I can't use it

and the very next bodacious Blackman
call me queen
because my life ain shit
because (in any case) he ain been here to share it
with me
(dish for dish and do for do and
dream for dream)
I'm gone scream him out my house
cause what I wanted was
to braid my hair/bathe and bedeck my
self so fully be-
cause what I wanted was
your love
not pity
cause what I wanted was
your love
your love

Sasha Moore 06 November 2004

I loved it it keeps you thinking and makes you wanna keep on reading

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 December 2021

CONGRATULATIONS as THE POET OF THE DAY. Hoorray! I am very proud of you, dear Poetess

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 December 2021

Congratulations being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team. Hoorray! I am very happy for you, dear Poetess!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 December 2021

I have enjoyed very much this entertaining poem, a poem of great personality!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 December 2021

Fascinating poem reading the first line, wanted to finish this brilliant write, about ordinary things, but with such flow, that we as readers keep reading till the end.5 Stars full, dear Poetess.

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Ronald Stroman 31 January 2007

She's my #poet to read.Her book 'PASSION' is good.

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