The Things That Remind Me Of You Poem by Rommel Filoteo

The Things That Remind Me Of You

Rating: 5.0

I always want to remember
The places we used to be
And all the things that remind me of you
I could still recall
Those precious memories of us
The joy and the laughter
The love & the trials that we've been through
Here I am alone in this empty room
And I let my mind just fly you to the end
I've been trying to hold
It doesn't know if I could still go on
You said you cared for me
But then you had to go
The tears begin to show
Tears falling down my cheeks that
I wanted you to stay
Thoughts of you still linger in my memory
Wondering why my life is not that fair
But don’t you worry I always understand
Because you are my life, you are my soul
I always want to hear the songs
The songs we used to sing
I always want to recall
Those special moments of us
Because that is all the things
That always reminds me of you…

Evaughn Gray 20 October 2007

that's a sad poem..i bet everyone feels this way one time ot another...great poem..~hazel

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wow, i know how you feel, its the sme way i feel about my ex-ex-boifriend, great poem tho...and i agree with M. Bennett

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joe jones 20 October 2007

thats a sad poem but once again 10. love ya, m.bennett

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Alison Cassidy 21 November 2007

This one reminds me of 'These Foolish Things Remind me of You' a wonderful old standard that has been sung by many of the greats including Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole. The sentiment remains the same - and your poem captures a universal sentiment. love, Allie xxxx

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Meggie Gultiano 03 November 2007

Just be positive of all the things that reminds you of her..okey? Mahal kita, Just Meggie

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Vilma Xelin 03 November 2007

guilty still...but still here! Kisses Hon!

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Ewigi Liebe 25 October 2007

very emotional, but its nice to read...once again great job.

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Vilma Xelin 21 October 2007

I can feel the pain, I can feel the sadness... And I can understand...but, Why do I feel so guilty?

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