Lola (Grand Mother) Poem by Rommel Filoteo

Lola (Grand Mother)

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Having you in my life,
Even thou for a short time,
You brought me happiness
That a lifetime could not bring.
You have touched my life so deeply
In your own expressive way
That you helped me go on
Moreover, come into my own person more.
On certain days,
You even made things okay
When I would be at my lowest
In heart, and through the bind of love,
You will always be my LOLA
For my love to you bounded
As that of grand children, love her grand mother.
I will miss your sweet caress
I will miss your good night kisses
I will miss your warm embrace,
And in the mornings when I awake,
At least I can find your eyes in the blue sky.
You will always be my LOLA for the rest my life.

Marvin Brato 13 November 2007

Wonderful tribute to all grandmas, worth the 10.! Thanks for sharing.

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Evaughn Gray 10 November 2007

that was just beautiful, wonderful poemof your grandmother..i loved it..~hazel

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Pia Andersson 10 November 2007

A beautiful beautiful tribute to your grandmother..she knows that you are there with love Pia

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Janice M Pickett 07 November 2007

This is beautiful. I know the feeling you are talking about and it is very precious. Well done.

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CU2urDream Lost 07 November 2007

this is a very nice all grand mother...i wish i had seen mine before she rest in peace...i truly enjoy, reading your it...thanks for sharing. Maris

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lola bean 05 March 2018

cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

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Eivzul Acijom 31 January 2008

I really love this poem, it's touching and true. I grew up with my grandparents, i thought i was their youngest child, growing up then i realized, i was their first grandchild. Their love to their grandchildren is truly amazing. Thank you Rommel for sharing, i love this Well done! Luzvimel

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Ben Gieske 24 December 2007

LOLA - Love Of my LIfe Always. Great tribute to your grandmother. How much we owe to them we will never know.

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Vilma Xelin 23 November 2007

Ohh Romm so sweet and deeply as always... of course u know how to love for real a woman... ur grandma teach u!

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Melvina Germain 17 November 2007

This is a very touching poem, it carresses my heart, I can relate to this very well, I lost my Granma at a young age and still to this day miss her very much. We are fortunate individuals to have had the gift of a grandmother in our lives, so many do not and will never know what it's like to have been given this gift. Your poem shows the great love, care and affection we receive from our most wise Grandmothers. Good Grandmothers leave us with loving words and always a positive view on life. They can advise us from their world of experience and the wisdom they have gained over the years. Having a Grand-parent is truly a precious gift to children. God Bless all Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Another wonderful poem Rommel. --Melvina--

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