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Sitting outside
Wishing on a star
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are

A while after we got together
Around the time we first said
Our 'I Love You's'
I went to a tree where i carved

Heartache is the worst pain

It eats at your soul

I'm missin' you,
Every single day,
Though I've tried to get over you,
In every possible way.

They ask me who I'm going out with
I reply 'No one, I'm single'
They laugh and say
'That cant be true,

it happened AGAIN
just when i fell in love
you break my heart into pieces

Laying dead,
is all he does
An Easter Bunny,
is what he was

theres this guy, on the net
i kinda know him, but im glad we met
he is pretty cool
and im glad hes still in skool

You used to call me your sunshine
And you used to be really fine
I wanted to be in your life
And now i am your ex wife

Sittin on the floor
In the bathroom, again
'Is it even worth it'

Graduation Day was today after school
school got out early
all of the future Freshmen
had to report to the High School Gymnasium

you my baby boy
you are the love of my life
and i wish i could be your wife
but i had to go and say goodbye

Lord, i know i haven't been living right
And im sorry, for all the sins i've comitted
I just want you to help me
And promise me that you will...

Blue Baby, we love you alot
Yup Baby, even though you're gone
Loca's Baby, like your other sibling
Blue Baby, your memory will go on

called gothicness
it is misunderstood
but no one gets the point of it

i am loved by three perfect men
i want and adore them
but each of them have one flaw
it hit me one day, i cant have them all

carmen was her name
partying was her game
she loved to get drunk
and eddie was her hunk

emily, emily, emily
oh how i wish to be

be like you that is

Your kisses, light up my life
Your smile, brightens my day
Everything you do, breaks away the darkness

Now i keep my head up high
And never look back
All our good times that we've had
Are just an erased memory

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I Dont Get On Really Anymore And I Have Had Writers Block For Years But You Can Find Me On MySpace...

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Sitting outside
Wishing on a star
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are

I can't help but think
'Will my wish ever come true?
Will i ever find that perfect guy?
Will i ever meet you? '

I take in a deep sigh
And let my head fall down
'Nothing like that ever happens
At least not on this side of town'

But then i hear a whisper
Blowing in the wind
It says 'Dont worry my love, I will come soon,
I'll be the one who's heart you'll mend'

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Flame6203E . 04 March 2008

keep writing U ROCK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Jade Fish 07 November 2007

nice one....i realllllly liked it! ! ! ! ! ! !

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