Rommel Filoteo Poems

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Lola (Grand Mother)

Having you in my life,
Even thou for a short time,
You brought me happiness
That a lifetime could not bring.

Heart And Soul

We once we’re afraid to be reject
After all of the times that we had
Been loved and left before.
Our thought this would be the same,

A Feelings In Words

I am writing to let you know how I feel
I cannot describe my intense affection and emotion
Therefore, I am going to put my feelings in words.
Since the first day, I met you.

It might be all the things
I see in all of your heart,
The things that everyone will notices
That I admires in all of you,

A Patch On What I Feel (A Thank You Poem To All Ph Members)

If I haven't say –
I am so lucky to meet you all here in POEMHUNTER.
I will always adore and respect you all for the rest of my life.
All of you are wonderful person,

All The Wonderful Women Of Poem Hunter

You are all by far a wonderful Women.
I always see how all of you humbled yourself
Into something even more precious and beautiful
With all of your words, every lines and stanza

Poets & Poems (Dedicated To Every Poet Of Poem Hunter)

I miss the poets love and affection.
I miss there poems sincere emotion.
I miss not having them in my life,
Even when everyday they are.

I’m Just Here - I Care (For My Dearest Friend Mary Wismer)

How can I tell you what I'm feeling when sometimes,
I don't even understand your pain.
I wish things were perfectly wonderful for you,
But you’re going to have to work at it to make them that way.

A Thousand Words A Day

I resolve to write her up
A thousand words a day
And ask her if she'll want me
In some old fashioned way

Eternally And For Always

For me, without you,
There really is no point to move on.
If you do love me,
Please look at me with those attractive eyes,

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