The Things We Do Poem by Emma Adamyan

The Things We Do

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The things we do make our way,
But having kids make us obey,
They will do the same with us,
Doesn`t matter what we say
But matters what we do.
Make your own destiny better
By making the right example,
Show them love`s always sincere,
Make them humble, but don`t hamble.
You make new mistakes or repeat old,
It`s never late to throw trash and save gold,
Just keep watching yourself with their eyes,
No doubt for you they are the most precious guys,
You can sell your soul to the devil
To know they are safe and see their smiles.
Whatever you`re addicted to is evil,
Whatever you plan to quit will take years,
The day will come bringing the bills,
After you`ll be left nothing but cries,
So change it now, the chance is yours,
Children must not inherit sorrows.
No road is covered with flowers,
Set their way free from your mistakes,
Regular having a drink
Let their trust shrink,
As a cup of wisckey becomes a crime
When you leave it on time.
Take my advice, it`s for good,
Don`t let the worst things happen,
Try to hold on Earth your Heaven!

Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 February 2010

i think you are a wise woman... you are smart and a true poet

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Sadiqullah Khan 01 February 2010

An old mother's advice. You will become a good nanny.10

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