Two Signs Poem by Emma Adamyan

Two Signs

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Being Capricorns with birth days,
In reality we are nothing but Aquarius & Sagittarius...

With your birth day every year begins,
With mine it ends,
In return with my birth day our zodiac begins,
With yours it ends,
We close the circuit of the year,
It gives us a power to bear,
Can you feel it?
I think you do.
Sometimes even for both,
I feel it with your respect`s depth,
As I wish you could feel it with my path,
Although I can`t provide it with lots of my warmth.
Exactly found words is all we can allow,
Seldom they so easily flow
And we surely know why,
Of that becoming too shy,
You see, it`s happened secretly,
How I`ve begun using 'we'
Instead of 'you' and 'me'...
With the same secret-unknown day,
Our love began its way,
Suffered many storms and calms,
Met lots of sad and joyful days,
Lived through doubts and faiths,
And maybe is doing till these days...
But we have nothing to regret about,
Being both moraly worn out,
We could hold out against every ill-wisher,
One day to discover
And keep it inside one`s heart forever,
For it belongs to us, it`s ours and here it is...
One of the most wonderful thing
Is when people are given a true love,
When they can treat it like a little dove,
Remaining resistantly all above,
To understand, respect and forgive,
Without wearing the church ring...
It doesn`t mean they can`t wrath,
It means they can never hurt each other,
Even on penalty of death...

P.S. In times of anger where emotions rage,
We must try hard to avoid evil`s cage,
Knowing to win is much easier than to hold,
Let`s never forget about silence which is gold...

jimmy zepp 01 April 2010

Honestly speaking, everytime I look for a new poem in your list, I cannot just pass by and ignore this piece of art; a true painting of eternal love, painted by all the colors of emotion, one can imagine on the canvas of this bitter life... For me, it's a perfect piece, bravo... 10++++++++++++

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James Mclain 08 November 2009

Some things just can't be said.. in two lines or less...iip

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