The Toll Of Human Greed Poem by Ivan @lyfequoting

The Toll Of Human Greed

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Oh, humans, so clever and wise
We'll pollute the water, to our own demise
Who needs clean lakes and rivers anyway?
We'll just dump our waste and call it a day

We'll ravage the oceans with our fishing nets
And fill them with plastic, but have no regrets
Who cares about the creatures living there
We're humans, we're the superior species, we don't care

We'll fill the air with toxic fumes
And ignore the warnings, we're immune
Who needs clean air to breathe and survive?
We'll just keep polluting, we're so alive

We'll eat food filled with pesticides and preservatives
And wonder why our health is deteriorating, it's a mystery
Who needs natural food, free from pollutants and chemicals
We're humans, we'll eat anything, we're unstoppable

We'll cut down the forests, without a care
And ignore the fact that they're the lungs of our air
Who needs clean oxygen, pure and fresh
We're humans, we'll just wear a gas mask instead

We'll mine the earth and strip it bare
And forget that it's the source of all we wear
Who cares about the soil and the land
We're humans, we'll just pave it all with concrete and sand

We'll wage wars and kill each other in the name of power
And forget that love and compassion is our greatest power
Who needs peace and harmony in this world
We're humans, we'll just keep fighting, it's our nature unfurled

We'll ignore the warnings and deny the facts
And continue on our path of self-inflicted attacks
Why we do this? Because we are the most intelligent species in the world
We'll just keep destroying and pretend we're not absurd.

So let's raise a glass to our self-destructive ways
Ignoring the fact that it's our future we erase
Who needs a planet that's healthy and strong
We're humans, we'll just keep destroying, it's where we belong.

Is it intelligence or arrogance?
Nabakishore Dash 02 April 2023

Awesome sauce poem of what we really are.Deserves accolade.

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D.N. Rebb 01 April 2023

This poem makes me feel ashamed to be human. GR

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Lyfequoting Ivan 01 April 2023

I hope we all humans realise this before it is too late😇

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Nosheen Irfan 01 April 2023

Very well put. Sadly man has brought a lot of destruction upon himself. At least we should feel regret. A thought provoking piece!

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Lyfequoting Ivan 01 April 2023


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