The Traveler Poem by Abdul-Ali Muhammad

The Traveler

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Lonely is The Traveler, who travels all alone
Lonely is the Traveler, who is without a home
Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to care
Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to share
The Lonely Traveler is oh so sad--
The Lonely Traveler gave all the tears he had
The Lonely Traveler is the guardian of the love, hope and dreams
Oh so it seems--
Now the world will have to pay for The Traveler goes away--
For no one would listen--no one paid attention to the warnings
The Traveler had
I'm but a Lonely Traveler who travels space and time
The warnings I gave were not new nor were they mine.
They came from another time.

Debarshi Bhattacharya 17 July 2017

i really liked this's close to my school of thoughts and i'd have been proud to write this!

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Analisssa Range 12 December 2006

Wow thats good and if you think about it your kind of describeing everyone seeing as we all feel lonely as we travel through life.

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Eman H 19 June 2006

Hmmm nice poem :) .. keep improving, you have the talent..

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Sandra Cruz 17 March 2006

so very nice...are u muslim? I love this, inshaAllah

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Nasra Al Adawi 26 February 2005

Nice poem...very different

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Abdul-Ali Muhammad

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