The Truth Of Woman Poem by Sir Walter Scott

The Truth Of Woman

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Woman's faith, and woman's trust -
Write the characters in the dust;
Stamp them on the running stream,
Print them on the moon's pale beam,
And each evanescent letter
Shall be clearer, firmer, better,
And more permanent, I ween,
Than the thing those letters mean.

I have strain'd the spider's thread
'Gainst the promise of a maid;
I have weigh'd a grain of sand
'Gainst her plight of heart and hand;
I told my true love of the token,
How her faith proved light, and her word was broken:
Again her word and truth she plight,
And I believed them again ere night.

Susan Williams 10 March 2016

Well, daggone it, it was one woman who did him wrong not the whole family of women. I thought better of Sir Walter than for him to generalize like that. Seeing the title and the name of the author I expected beautiful sweet words praising us up one side and down the other. I am betrayed. Actually I enjoyed this well-written poem anyway cuz I forgive the foolishnesses of men.

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Alex 03 September 2022

You don't date women as a man, so you don't know how MOST women hold no value to their oaths with their partner. it's [conditional] love, and any promise is as meaningful as a the words written on sand. Women love their children, but are unwilling to die for their man

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Hikaru Etanaru 10 March 2016

its a really good poem

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A great thoughtful poem on women.

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 March 2016

Write the characters in the dust. Thanks for sharing.

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Melissa Patty 12 August 2015

Amazing! Love this poem.

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