Stanley Collymore

The Ultimate Insult! - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

What's the actual difference between what Germany's Third
Reich and its allies did, and the mindset lurking behind it,
during World War II and the attitude now exemplified
by these Khazar-Yiddish fake "Jews" who 72 years
after World War II has ended still carry on ad
nauseum moaning about what happened
to their Zionist sort then as they none t
he less consistently and blatantly
milk Europe's holocaust for
every penny that they can
get from them doing so.

And what ignorant mother fuckers like this Yid Rabbi
Shlomo Mimad in Yidland are tirelessly doing to
the Palestinians whose country they've brutally
stolen, and whose native inhabitants they've
either systematically practised genocide
against or else brutally expelled from
their homes and lands; and yet not
happy with all of this still want
to do more horrendous things
to the existing Palestinians.

To which I publicly, quite unashamedly and similarly
unapologetically say: "What an awful pity, in these
characteristically western, hypocritical and vile
double standards circumstances, that the war
time Germany's Third Reich government
didn't completely accomplish its most
earnest and justifiable ambition of
the Final Solution in relation to
to these dissolute and truly
unpleasant, white trash
Lowlifes and inured
graspingly Zionist

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 June 2017.

Author's Remarks:
Rabbi Shlomo Mimad's intention is to have the Yidland national authority poison all the water sources in the Palestinian West Bank with the sole purpose of arbitrarily pushing out all Palestinians that live there from their towns and cities in order to allow Yid settlers to take over more Palestinian lands.

Significantly and predictably there has been no criticism of this Rabbi's remarks in Yidland or any western country, either at government level or in the western mainstream media. An undoubted marked contrast from what would have been the case if this was a Palestinian official or religious leader saying a similar thing in relation to Yidland's settlers' water supplies. And there would have been no end to their condemnation of their fabricated use of the over-worked and long discredited term of anti-Semitism, and most ironically so because these Khazar-descended Yids aren't Semites while in total contrast the Palestinians are genetically, biologically and undeniably true Semites.

But these numbskulls who instinctively and fraudulently use this terminology for Yid are to dim-witted to know or research this basic piece of information, and not unsurprisingly since it fits in markedly with their racist, white supremacist, exceptionalist and Zionist master race plans

In fact, Yidland authorities recently cut off the water supplies from Northern cities in the West Bank of Palestine during the hottest days of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Appalling double standards that white western regimes persistently turn a blind eye to or else covertly condone.

All of which is no different in attitude from what is and has for some time now been going on in Nazi-Zionist Britain and across the white west generally but with two major differences. Germany's Third Reich was openly honest about what it was actually doing all the time. Which is considerably more than one can ever say for the mother-fucking Nazi Zionists who on behalf of Yidland and Rogue State USA supervise the national affairs of the United Kingdom.

To which I publicly, unashamedly and unapologetically say: "What a dreadful pity, in these circumstances, that Germany's Third Reich didn't fully realize its ambition of the Final Solution relative to these white trash, Lowlifes and Zionist sub-humans!

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