The Vital Contestant Poem by Rohan Bendre

The Vital Contestant

Ramesh and Satish had a Poor Friend Named Anil. Anil was a Brilliant Student.
Both were jealous of Anil.

Ramesh said to Satish.

' His Achievements are increasing rapidly.
A Lesson should be taught to him Quickly.'
Satish Affirmed.
' your concern resonates to mine
When a Lesson will be taught to him I will be fine.'
Ramesh Questioned.
' Are we going to Initialize
What needs to be done to ensure he plays the Ultimate Price.'
Both Thought and devised a Devious Plan.
Satish Suggested.
'Hasn't it been a long time since we have participated in a Fancy dress competition.
To teach him a lesson we should ensure his Inclusion. '
Ramesh Questioned.
' How is it going to benefit us in his humiliation? .'
Satish said.
' Won't the Peasant Get Nervous when he will be a Laughing Stock in the whole team.
When the role of Doorkeeper will be potrayed by him.'
Both Convinced Anil to participate.
They didn't explained his role.
On the day of the Competition Anil was given the Costume of the Doorkeeper.
Ramesh Said.
' Doesn't the costume suits you Accurately
You resemble to the Orderly.'
Satish joined.
' While we will introduce us as Valiant Warriors .
Your Solemn job will be to stand still with those Armour and Gears.'
All the people started laughing.
Anil realized he was picked for a Joke.
Anil smiled.
' Someone's Plot was Surely Humiliation.
But at this point One Vital Contribution should be brought to your Attention. '
It was the Great King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's Decision.
As Darkness can promote Intruder's Possibility.
The Doors of the Fort should be closed with the Quickest Agility. '
Anil Continued.
' Once a Person of high Strature visited
But the Valiant Doorkeeper had him confronted.'
The Person said.
' The Visit to the Great King has the highest Importance.
I will have you removed if you deny me Entrance.'
The Doorkeeper was firm.
' I have been instructed to close the Fort's Doors after darkness
Hence you should postpone your visit with Quickness.'
After sometime The person introduced himself. The person was none another than Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj himself.
' I am Impressed by your Dedication.
I am the one who have given you Instructions.
So I request you to reverse your actions.'
The Doorkeeper said.
' My humble salutations to the Great King.
But the rules for Common Men and the Vital visitors should be similar.
To the threat of the Intruders you are familiar. '
Next day This Incident was the buzz of the Court.
The Great king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj said.
' To Ensure Security Against the Alien rulers
We need qualities like Dedication and Commitment.
Come what may the Circumstance
By showing valour Explain your intent.'
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj awarded the Doorkeeper for his Dedication and Dutifullness.
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj said.
And to ensure such dedication
Vital is your requirement. '
Satish and Ramesh Realized their mistake.
Both said.
' If the fight against Social Evils has to continue.
Vital is the need to Eradicate Discrimination.
As Unanimous Unification is the only Solution. '
Based on Savlya Tandel's Story.

Friday, February 18, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: equality,history
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