' The Voice In The Storm ' Poem by Gordon Whittaker

' The Voice In The Storm '

Rating: 3.1

Gazing through the window at the rain
I wondered from where the rain came.
Then a voice said to me ‘It’s sucked up from the sea,
or do you believe that old wives tale that it is angels wee.
You have heard the story of Noah’s Ark,
that was certainly no walk in the park
and no it was’nt incontinent angels that did it for a lark.

Suddenly the peace was shattered by thunder,
yes the thunder made me wonder, is God angry?
No he is not, said the voice.
Thunder is caused by rapidly expanding atmospheric gasses
being heated by lightening.
But it does make some people angry, and some ill,
especially the insurance companies who have to foot the bill.

At that moment my mother came running out of the kitchen
and dashed under the stairs, she would stay there till the storm had passed
trembling and saying her prayers
I looked through the window at the night sky,
and thought what a great end to the day.
As I witnessed mother natures firework display.

I wonder…… “Son I am tired “ said the voice
And it is time you went to bed, and to ponder what I’ve said.
You have a mind of your own son
I will not put you on the spot.
You either believe it or not.

Ernestine Northover 28 September 2005

I'm really getting into your poems, and it's lovely that they all make sense with a nice story line. Keep it up! Sincerely Ernestine Northover

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Kelly Allen Vinal 30 August 2005

A poem that makes one think. Well done!

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Gordon Whittaker

Gordon Whittaker

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