The Vulgar Poet

Rating: 3.5

I do abhor vulgarity
and most of your profanity.
It cheapens you beyond belief
it is as if you'd take the leaf
that God plucked from the holy tree
and flaunted IT, for all to see.
No need, I say to act too chaste
but, pardon me, you are poor taste,
it's not that poems do offend-
your tongue has gone around the bend.
And should old fate bring punishment
you'd notice great astonishment
in truth, if our paths did cross
I'd use a piece of dental floss
and hang you from the tree of shame,
into its bark I'd carve your name.

Scarlett Treat 10 May 2006

You are right on here Herbert, with your description! It couldn't be any plainer to see if it were written out in big bold letters. Or is it that this could apply to serveral here on this site?

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Gina Onyemaechi 10 May 2006

Well-played, Mr Dribble! : -) Gina.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 10 May 2006

But it wouldn't be right. I kiss, drip, can use a dipstick, drive into any garage with eyes closed and sleep on my back if there is a good reason for it. But make up? That's worse than a girl wearing shoulder pads. Best Jack the Dripper

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Gina Onyemaechi 10 May 2006

Alternatively you could kiss (or rather 'drip') and make up. If this poem is directed at who I think it is, Herbs, I have to say, I think the two of you would make a sparkling couple - you foil each other so beautifully. Cheekily (but fondly as ever) Gina.

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