The Welcome Rains Poem by Somanathan Iyer

The Welcome Rains

Rating: 4.5

Dark clouds donned the skies
Dazzling lightening devoured the ears
Deafening thunders dampened the spirits
Drops and drops dense with drops started the rain

Scorched soil savored the rain
Sending a scent of sweet and soothing
Swaying trees and swinging leaves
Sounded tunes with scary winds

People and animals ran for covers
Strange indeed in skipping the rains
Endures the heat with extra energies
Escapes the rains even from the first drops

Absorbed the earth all the waters for some time
Allowed after every drop to reach for others
Can’t the humans learn a lesson from our earth?
Can’t they share the wealth with others without hoarding?

Strings of waters small and big joined together in forming a stream
Mighty flow of swirling waters pleased the eyes with lot of content
Pleasing coolness filled the air pounding heat waves opted to snore
Water is the base! Water is the boon! Pray for the rains! Pray for water!


Nice poem. Your lines flow beautifully.

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David Wood 20 May 2013

Very vivid imagery to this well penned poem.

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Costas Nisiotis 19 May 2013

picturesque poem! Thank you

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Connie Yost 19 May 2013

Nice poem too. Sincerely and thank you.

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