The Business Of Living Poem by Raj Dronamraju

The Business Of Living

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Death diversified his portfolio
While maintaining a zero degree of risk
Death rented an office in a high rise building
Where he could look down on the temporary creations
But I'm far too busy to think about any of that
I get up and go about my duties and I can't really describe what it is that makes me do this
Or why I undertake the business of living

Still alive and straddling the anxious energy of no longer being young and the sedentary dullness of middle age
That's me moving forward ignoring all insults and slighted feelings
That's me getting on with a good time and things I like - new books and CD's, advances in technology
That's me expressing interest in the business of living

I always have errands and tasks to complete
Pick up a new pair of glasses for example took an hour this last Saturday morning
But the value of time is a red herring
And even when the inevitable happens after a more than adequate eternity of preparation
We react with shock
We were too caught up in the business of living

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Ratnakar Mandlik 29 December 2015

Taking life in it's stride with positive outlook is very interesting business of living indeed. Life moves on and so does the living. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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