The World We Live In Poem by zainab zaheen

The World We Live In

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Why don't we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?
Is this what it has come to?

Why don't we all take time to think about each other?
We are surrounded by so much beauty but no one takes the time to appreciate it.
We are all so busy with our lives, too busy to even notice
as life passes by,
Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years.
yet there is no difference in the world.

Why is our world filled with corruption, destruction, poverty and many other endless things.
It makes me wonder, have we all given up?
Haven't we learnt a lesson yet?

The world that we live in, is it too late to change it?
Or are we so far gone, that change has just become a mirage.
let us all have some hope and pray for peace
and may god bless our soul,
Because the world we live in isn't going to last much longer.

The World We Live In
Hebert Logerie Sr. 30 September 2014

Great poem! I like it! I wonder and ponder all the time like you my friend. Please read your poem again and you will see what I mean,

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Khairul Ahsan 30 September 2013

Good questions to ask and answer.

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Frank Avon 30 September 2014

Zainab, I wish I didn't agree with you, but I do, and I'm grateful to you for putting these thoughts out for us to think on again. Best wishes to you for a long life of service and creativity.

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Akhtar Jawad 30 September 2014

A great poem with a great universal message, Well deserved poem of the day.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 30 September 2014

A very appreciative thought in the poem about peace and existence of the world itself. In fact even though so many atrocities and wars, corruption, misdeeds are going on making the world difficult for the peace loving still there is hope in the people who are expressing their objections in injustices and against open wars that destructs the humanity. The poet have made wonderful and relevant questions to the minds of the readers and it is a success of the poem that I felt and seems to be. I liked the poem and poet as well.

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Clara 27 February 2020

Good one great effort

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someone 16 January 2018

is this in print somewhere

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Have faith this world will always be the way it was...nice thought provoking poem...a ten congratulations on being member of the day!

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Achill Lad 30 September 2014

The thoughts you have written here should be on everyone's mind. Well done Zainab.

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Mohammad Skati 30 September 2014

I feel real poetry in this poem. I loved it.

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