The Yarralumla Diamond Poem by keith brown

The Yarralumla Diamond

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The yarralumla diamond

On an outback station in Queensland
A diamond as big as your hand was
Stolen from poor old James cobbity,
by a convict that worked on his land

The con ran off like a cut snake
All over the bush and the trails
Till the troopers finally caught him
Somewhere in New South Wales

Despite all the floggings they gave him
He never would give up the place
Till the day that he met a young groomsman
And he gave him a map and a trace

The groom stole away with the diamond
He never did dare to sell
So passed the gem to his first son
Who in turn misfortune befell

He travelled out from Cooma..
his stockman by his side
Over the hills to queenbeyan where
the worst of the bush rangers ride

stand and deliver a bush ranger cries
The stocky Jumped up and swallowed the prize
A shot range out
the stockman lay slain
A murderous act for no earthly gain

They buried him out on the Gibbes place
The diamond among his Bones
Under a large deodar tree
where at night they say his ghost roams

A resting place fit for a governor
with the stockman still lying in state
Protecting the yarralumla diamond
He swallowed to help safe his mate

Ka, B

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: history
Australian legend,the tree is said to be in government house garden.
Tamara Beryl Latham 28 August 2020

Wonderfully penned poem with an interesting legend as its subject. Thanks for sharing. : -)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 May 2020

A diamond as big as human hand was stolen from poor old James cobbity and this was so sad and thought provoking. But history had witnessed the incidence. Protecting the yarralumla diamond he swallowed. The diamond was so precious. An amazing historic poem is brilliantly penned.

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Keith 20 May 2020

Thanks for your kind comments

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