Mind Games Poem by keith brown

Mind Games

Rating: 4.7

Mind games

I took a walk through my mind today
I met some friends along the way.
Together we went strolling along To a fork in the road,
where I may have gone wrong
They went left, I went right then as they vanished into the night
I gave a wave from the road ahead
Then kept on walking through my head

I came too a place where all seemed broken.
A tumble of words that Id written or spoken, but
I couldn't remember everything I'd said
SoI just kept on walking through my head
Till I found a room full of things I'd done some for spite, some for fun,
Some for love, some yet begun.
Perpetrated in a rage so red
As I went walking through my head

Past a space filled with love
Angels wings and Snow White doves
Bleeding hearts and rights and wrongs
A book of songs I wish I'd read as
I went walking through my head
Past a sign that said mistakes a place for tears and life's heart breaks
I've made a few it must be said
Still I kept walking through my head

A door I found marked regrets
I'll wager the fullest yet!
Still the room looked pristine, justa few in the corner, if you know what I mean
A room in which my egos bred
So, I kept walking in my head

Until the road grew hard and steep
Past a lake dark and deep
With broken promises floating by
On the waters of my minds eye
The vortex seeks to drag me down
I try to scream but not one sound
Save the ringing of tinnitus and
The blinding light of enlightenment

Tinker Tim 23 April 2020

You are right inside my mind now.

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Keith Brown 24 April 2020

Thanks hope you enjoyed it, rating would be nice

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Lyn Paul 10 June 2020

A wonderful write. I Read as if I was walking through my own mind.

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Keith Brown 10 June 2020

Thanks for your comment, always nice to get a response kb

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John Ahern 03 June 2020

Hi Keith, such a large site with so many poems, came across you in my searches for poetry i like. Well written, i enjoyed it very much.

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Keith Brown 04 June 2020

Thanks for your. Comment John, I once knew a John Ahern in the UK. Glad you enjoyed the poem kb

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Keith Brown 28 April 2020

Thanks same country’s well, learning quite a lot on thi site, much more to poetry than I knew, so many different forms. Hard too get people to rate poems but comments and feed back are welcomed cheers kb

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Mahtab Bangalee 27 April 2020

A room in which my egos bred So, I kept walking in my head...../// it's powerful introspective poetic expression; brilliantly penned

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Bernard Snyder 25 April 2020

The mind is a powerful thing. Great poem and rhyme scheme.

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