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Mind games

I took a walk through my mind today
I met some friends along the way.

True blue can you stand the load
Will you tie it up with wire
Just to keep the show on the road
(John Williamson)

A conversation between death and life

The viewing

His skin is tanned and wrinkled
His hair has turned to grey.
His shirt and jeans are faded
His shoes seen better days

it's good to laugh
Lauded sage, anoint
man's foible's


I gave my grandson, Jesper my old key board,
Cause on music he seemed keen.

Wake up in the morning
Shake the cobwebs from my head.
Check your place down here beside me.
Swing my feet out off the bed

If I could write a love song
To tell you how I feel
Hold you in my arms my dear, to
Show my love is real

Words jump around the page
Like an alphabetic kangaroo!
They push my pen, invade my mind
They tell me what to do.


I see my love, in every wrinkle
every fold of her skin, each

The yarralumla diamond

On an outback station in Queensland
A diamond as big as your hand was

Where the wild brumbies roam acrosshigh mountain track, the rain softly falls on an old tin roof shack

Where the wild brumbies roam across high mountain tracks
rain softly falls on an old tin roof shack


We came with our daughters, We came with our sons
We carried Our pistols
Our cannons
Our rum

Like Bookends
Without books
they lay

Beneath a rugose ocean, the submariner
Ply’s his trade
Seeking in sensuous darkness
The rampant serpent He gave

Theirs a view from the bridge
in the moon light
a river flowing below
small houses


I talk to my Father, the way that he did, tell tales of gentler days
With women in kitchens or sat simply stitching, through red autumn
Or bright summer haze
In winter, snug by the fire, the children seen but not heard

Baby don’t,
say a word
Our lips are sealed

Its only a postcard, is it worth all your tears
when the person who sent it,
has been gone all those years
could be from a father, a sister, or son

I saw a man drowning
Greif lapping against his soul
mournful waves of nostalgia

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Dear Reader if you’ve come this far and read a poem or two I have a task, a favour that I would ask of you, if you like what I have written leave a comment on my page, cause to work in total silence makes it hard to be a sage Please leave a comment on my page The biography that follows is a little about me, so please take The time to read whoever you might be. Retired sale manager, involved in Bicycle business most of adult life Resident in blue haven Australia NSW 3 grown up children 7 grandchildren Married 56 years to date to Carol childhood sweetheart Love to write poems when fancy takes me but never published. Ideas and metaphors varied, up to the muse really. really just hope people like what I write, left school at 15 so pretty much self taught in the university of life. what a cliché Pretty ordinary but you've come this far, so leave a comment and. Read the poems, I like too keep them varied, some sad some insight, some funny, all I hope enjoyable. You dear reader be the judge, rate them if you wish)

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Mind Games

Mind games

I took a walk through my mind today
I met some friends along the way.
Together we went strolling along To a fork in the road,
where I may have gone wrong
They went left, I went right then as they vanished into the night
I gave a wave from the road ahead
Then kept on walking through my head

I came too a place where all seemed broken.
A tumble of words that Id written or spoken, but
I couldn't remember everything I'd said
SoI just kept on walking through my head
Till I found a room full of things I'd done some for spite, some for fun,
Some for love, some yet begun.
Perpetrated in a rage so red
As I went walking through my head

Past a space filled with love
Angels wings and Snow White doves
Bleeding hearts and rights and wrongs
A book of songs I wish I'd read as
I went walking through my head
Past a sign that said mistakes a place for tears and life's heart breaks
I've made a few it must be said
Still I kept walking through my head

A door I found marked regrets
I'll wager the fullest yet!
Still the room looked pristine, justa few in the corner, if you know what I mean
A room in which my egos bred
So, I kept walking in my head

Until the road grew hard and steep
Past a lake dark and deep
With broken promises floating by
On the waters of my minds eye
The vortex seeks to drag me down
I try to scream but not one sound
Save the ringing of tinnitus and
The blinding light of enlightenment

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Keith Brown 21 January 2021

Don't understand your. Comment, thanks anyway, hard to come by on this site

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Writes 27 April 2020

Writes good poems but I personally like the ones that rhyme

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If your going to live a lie The easiest person to convince is yourself

If your going to live a lie The easiest person to convince is yourself

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