The Zonkey And The Grolar Bear Poem by Stephen Katona

The Zonkey And The Grolar Bear

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'Please don't eat me, '
Said the Zonkey,
To the Grolar Bear,
'I'm far too rare.
Just like you,
I'm an unusual brew.
Even a donkey,
Looks at me,
A little queerly.
We could be best chums,
And play bongo drums.'

'I'll not disagree, '
Said the Bear to the Zonkey,
'It's just that I'm so hungry! '
'You can't catch me, '
Cried the Zonkey,
'You never will, '
As he sped down the hill.
The Grolar Bear gave pursuit,
Choosing the most direct route,
Hoping for a casserole,
But fell into a muddy hole.
Stuck fast in the sludge,
He couldn't budge.
It sure did stink,
Worse, he began to sink.
'Please help, ' said the Grolar Bear,
To the Zonkey, 'Have a care.'

'You're a little overweight,
You shouldn't put so much on your plate, '
Said the Zonkey, whose heart was kind,
As he threw branches at the bear's behind.
A twig brought tears to a Grolar eye,
'What are you doing? ' he said with a sigh,
'You'll see....'
Said the Zonkey.

When sticks were far and wide,
'Lie down, ' the Zonkey cried.
On a raft, our Grolar crawled,
Until at the edge he sprawled.
'You rescued me from this silt,
Oh, how my heart is full of guilt, '
Said the Grolar Bear, 'Please become,
My lifelong best chum.'
Our Zonkey taught a Grolar to fish,
To never be short of a dish,
While a Grolar kept a Zonkey safe from harm,
With solid muscles on each arm.

The Zonkey And The Grolar Bear
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: animals
* Sunprincess * 12 June 2014

..........truly I wish to read more of this enjoyable write...

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Margaret Alice Second 16 June 2014

This is a great fantasy in Lewis Carrol style and rolls off the tongue so easily as if a rhyme meant to be conveyed in song - great entertainment, thank you!

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Colleen Courtney 12 June 2014

Hmmm...part 2 to follow?

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Darlene Walsh 12 June 2015

A nice story, and it rhymes and flows very nicely. It was fun to read. I was expecting such a different ending. Usually in a story like this, the Bear would still have eaten the Zonkey. It was nice seeing an unexpected happier ending.

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Bri Edwards 03 June 2015

i'll add this to my PH JUNE SHOWCASE. THANKS. BRI :)

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Bri Edwards 21 March 2015

i got to thinking, after i had made other comments: Steve really made a good point (perhaps not logical, but nonetheless a good point) in these lines, which i have chosen as my favorite ones: I'm far too rare. Just like you, I'm an unusual brew. Even a donkey, Looks at me, A little queerly.....................exactly! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 21 March 2015

[continued from last comment, which got away from me prematurely........premature submission! } As i was saying: I have more (less significant?) ideas for tweaking to make YOUR poem more pleasing to ME. Yeah, it IS all about ME! but i won't bother telling you my additional ideas unless you beg me. Let's see........ you are married i believe, so you must know how to BEGGGG! thanks for sharing. bri :) :)

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Stephen Katona 22 March 2015

Go on then PLEASE, please, PLEASE, Bri. :)

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Bri Edwards 21 March 2015

having read the comments, let me say: the poem WOULD have been nice ending with hungry. that would allow 'meat'-eating readers to fantasize about the Zonkey's flavor and texture. BUT taking your whining youngest daughter's suggestion/orders? did bring more poetic-meat to the readers' poetic plates (NOT regency bone china plates, i hope; 3 inches wide? ? a Zonkey eyeball might not even fit on THAT! ; it's an inside joke) . why Grolar, not Golar? just wondering! and it could also be expanded 'backwards'. how about telling us how the Golar (i mean Grolar) and Zonkey got to the point where they were discussing the Zonkey's fate? ? route....... i DO pronounce it like root, but some would pronounce it like rout, causing harm to your rhyming efforts. leave it as is; people must learn to talk like i do! ! ! ! i have more (less significant? ideas for tweaking to make the poem please

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Stephen Katona 22 March 2015

Bri it has to be Grolar bear as Grolar bears really exist. They are a Grizzly bear/ Polar bear hybrid. You can guess the Zonkey's parents. When it comes to naming a hybrid animal the dad's species always comes first. Some hybrid names are a bit confusing though eg.Dzo as in my poem 'Don't you know I'm a Dzo (half yak and half cow) , whereas Wholphin (false killer whale/ bottlenose dolphin) and Liger are a bit more sensible.

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