A World Without Plastic Poem by Stephen Katona

A World Without Plastic

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It would be fantastic,
If we stopped using plastic,
And eased the world's pain,
With a healthy food chain.
Turtles would no longer gag,
On a supermarket's bag.
Sea birds could have a meal,
Of food that was real.
Less chemicals in the sea,
Would be healthier for you and me.

If we protest en mass,
Perhaps they'll use more glass,
So the next time you buy squash,
You can take back the bottle to wash.
Cry out again,
And again,
Oh, when,
Shops re-use paper wrapping,
They'll have us all clapping.'

We can choose from today,
Things wrapped the right way.
When we see a container,
Using it again is saner.
Take care what you throw away,
Most will be here to stay.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: world
It's easy to forget the power we have as consumers. We all need to do more to reduce our plastic problem.
Bri Edwards 21 March 2015

what would the 'plastic surgeons' use instead? ? ?

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Stephen Katona 22 March 2015

Ha ha

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Hazel Durham 12 May 2015

A great message in your powerful poem with as always amazing rhyming!

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Bri Edwards 21 March 2015

= SAVING THE WORLD FROM POLLUTION. ETC. nice rhyming. not the best view of the future! i like to think/hope that the Earth and its creatures, including humans, will survive the effects of pollution, BUT if they don't survive..............well, se la vie! [oops! c'est la vie! ] i have suggested to friends and relatives (for quite a few years now) that i will be helping mankind (and womankind, and etc.) if i kill myself, if need be, to keep me from living too long, thus cutting down on my use of resources! Really, i mean it! [[JUST THINK of all the old people and some younger ones too, who are, in a way, dispensable, but who use up HUGE amounts of resources! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! but how many people who like/love/tolerate their parents or grandparents, or (heaven forbid!) great-grandparents, etc. would be ok with euthanasia or suicide or failing-to-supply-lifesaving-medical-care? ? ? ? BUT, some people are foolishly opposed to my idea, it IS against the law at least in some places, (suicide, that is) , AND then i wouldn't get to read more of PH's poems. see how selfish i am? ! and does the rest of the world deserve to have me die before my time? ? probably not! just curiosity about what WILL happen in the future............... first female president of the U.S., death of Putin, proof that GMO foods are (or aren't) harmful to people, if my 1-year old grandson will be a 'winner' or a 'loser', and what new flavors of ice cream (using Stevia) will come on the market........... may keep me from “offing” myself. hmmm? But THEN, I hope (I would also pray, if I believed it would do any good!) I never end up being one of “those old people” AND unable physically to kill myself or refuse medical treatment. I only hope if such a situation arises, I will at least have someone ‘responsible for my care” who will NOT authorize life-saving drugs, surgery, or other treatments. Pain killers might be nice! see my poem: 100th Birthday [Missed By 'Mom']...... [SHORT; my mom; death; serious but NOT sad] BY ALL MEANS, conserve PLASTIC (or at least dispose of it 'properly') , and conserve WATER (that car does NOT need to be washed! ; you don't NEED a green lawn in the dry season! , yellow water in the toilet bowl doesn't hurt ………….much) , ENERGY (turn off or dim a few lights, ok? : put on a sweater and leave the furnace off for a while, and close the windows when it’s cold outside! ; who NEEDS a ice cube maker? ; walk fifteen minutes to buy eggs at the store, instead of driving, if you live that close! ; no more long Sunday drives to get out of the house!) , etc., etc., etc.! ! ! and turn off the computer, at least when not using it for long periods of time!)

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james 07 March 2019

mans has bars. this fire as

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YourAdviser 28 July 2018

Good job But could be improved if more lengthy and more powerful words used

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Samaira 09 July 2018

Not bad

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Sheena 05 June 2018

Nice work I like it to much

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varun 11 July 2018

why there are small poem

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James Grey 29 May 2018

Problematic Plastic, isn't it just destroy the lives of the marine life around us?

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