There Is No Love For You Like Mine Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

There Is No Love For You Like Mine

I feel you all around, the beauty, the wind, the enigma chutes of my respect run thorough into the hollows of your heart
Our hearts are so spruce and feeling so dulcet
I aerate you more with every blink of an eye!
I adore to see you when I arouse up
A smile would dunk my face
Since the twenty-four hours
We get with each other
I have a hunch complete
You shine up my universe like a sparking star
Every moment of every day
Mileage couldn't keep us sidelong
Every moment we exhaust together has emotional our lives
Our souls straight
The weather we share discovering is standing growth we'll reap
You are my grain and only
My top pal, my darling and my truelove
No matter what we go through
We know we are always together
I reckon of you
I fumble of the mantle
Deep inside my heart forever and ever
We will never be apart
I will be by your side through coarse and gaunt
I know we will make it through the kindness of the pernicious
For I'll mesmerize you until the day I perish

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: A written poem is on Wednesday,16 August 2023 This poem is a reflection of when you fall in love with someone, you hope it will last forever. You picture yourself by her side through all the ups and downs of life. Nothing gives you greater joy than the thought of holding her hand through the journey of life. You feel complete, secure, and like you can take on the world with her by your side. Her love gives you courage, strength, and happiness to take on each day. You take comfort in knowing that you will be together forever.
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