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*there Is Nothing Really Ever To Fear*

Rating: 2.8

Fear is regression
regression is pain
pain turns sweet sunshine into bitter rain
take my hand my dear
for there is nothing to fear

Fear is anguish
anguish is sorrow
sorrow is but a deep hole so hollow
let this not be the end of me

hold me tight and set me free
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Roshan Sabapathy 01 April 2014

Great. I like the way it subtly talks about letting go. Hold me tight and set me free. He is asking her to not fear his death, isn't he? or maybe his leaving.

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Patricia Grantham 05 November 2013

Fear can put a lid on our happiness. Many people have lots of gifts and talents but fear can put a damper on it and we may never get to realize our dreams. It is also the killer of dreams. Very motivational write.

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Heather Wilkins 25 May 2013

there is nothing to fear except fear itself. It is just a word. nothing more. your last stanza comletes te picture.

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Angela Wybrow 20 May 2013

I really like this! I quit my job two years ago, due to a panic attack (fear just made me turn and run from the problem) , so I can definitely relate to this poem.

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Brian Wake 17 May 2013

Hello Allen I've read and enjoyed a lot of your poems. This one is particularly interesting to me as it echoes the thoughts behind my own poem COUNTRY DANCING which was published in my book INTO HIDING (Headland Publications 1993) . Good. Country Dancing There is nothing to be frightened of, she said, but come along and lie here on the bed. We spoke of country dancing and of how so very sad it was to have to dance alone, to move in time with no-one’s steps and music but your own. But there is nothing to be frightened of, she said, and come, my dear, and lie down on the bed. And country dancing was the only time I ever moved. A solitary shuffler, shadow-partnered, I improved, danced the days away from wall to wall and, although I often stumbled, they had taught me how to fall. But when the dancing ended I could always hear a voice that told me there was nothing there at all to fear. There is absolutely nothing to be frightened of my dear. Brian Wake Liverpool, UK

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