There Weren'T Tears In My Eyes For So Many Days Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

There Weren'T Tears In My Eyes For So Many Days

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There weren't tears in my eyes for so many days...

It seems to be raining here,
when one sees through the moist eyes
even for a while
as if, the ocean has started stalking
among the thick clouds
Tell me
for how long shall I
conceal the mute torrents flowing
in the every direction of the life,
keep telling
the tales never told before,
keep walking
on the subterranean paths of the being,
keep seeing
the same old dreams of eternity,
and keep burning
in the shades of invisible foliage
of your thick green gardens
The façade of your affection lacks the eyes
Behind the darkness of centuries old
worn-out abodes, under the trees where,
splashing the chit-chat
we have stopped for a while,
some shadows are busy
illuminating the place for us,
the birds are singing
their songs for us,
the moments, which are
the offspring of bygone times,
have come to sneak a look at us
But, tell me
for how long
the ages will keep breathing for us
One fine day, they’ll say
“it’s all over…
Driver, get all the luggage,
the car is in the portico! ”
Tell me
for how long shall I
sustain myself with the help of
capsules made up of the words and
syrups constituted of the poems
This gasping shroud of mine
is tattered already
for how long shall I keep mending it…?

Original poem in Urdu by Naseer Ahmed Nasir
Translated into English by Kamran Awan

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
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