Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Freshman - 917 Points (April 01,1954 / Pakistan)

Naseer Ahmed Nasir Poems

1. Lullaby For Lost Generations 10/29/2008
2. Light Cones 10/30/2008
3. Bon Voyage Verse 10/31/2008
4. Living Trophies 11/1/2008
5. Epilogue 11/3/2008
6. A Poem For Aniqa 11/4/2008
7. Haiku 11/4/2008
8. Where Did You See Her? 11/4/2008
9. Epistle To An Old Friend 11/13/2008
10. Inside Domes 12/5/2008
11. How Good Was Youth! 4/2/2009
12. A Proscribed Poster 4/15/2009
13. Encircled Triage 4/17/2009
14. Crab Nebula 5/14/2009
15. Purblind 6/7/2009
16. A Purgatory Of Foggy Dreams 11/4/2012
17. The Fifth Loner 11/6/2012
18. I Had Seen The Ultimate Poetry 11/6/2012
19. There Weren'T Tears In My Eyes For So Many Days 5/19/2015
20. Apollo And Athena...A Poem Scribbled In The State Of Abeyance! 7/11/2016
21. I Want To Rise With You 7/11/2016
22. Spectrogram Of A Pictorial Poem (Translation By Bina Biswas) 7/11/2016
23. An Awaken Ocean-Woman On A Shore Of Sleep 7/12/2016
24. There Comes A Time 7/12/2016
25. God! Let A Tear Of Mine Drift In Rains 7/12/2016
26. Trees Of Dreams 7/12/2016
27. The Sleepwalking 7/13/2016
28. Sermon Of The New Buddha 7/13/2016
29. Poetry Is The Blossom Of Earth 7/13/2016
30. A "One-Day Utopia" 7/13/2016
31. An Evening At Gloria Jeans 7/15/2016
32. Death In Between Dream And Slumber 7/15/2016
33. The History Shall Mourn (In Vain) 7/15/2016
34. Tell Me Lumberjack What Will You Sell Now? 7/25/2016
35. The Living Catacomb 8/2/2016
36. Will There Be Love? 12/13/2017
37. Towards The Ocean Of Eternity In The Winter Rai 12/13/2017
38. I Want To Rise Like Birds 11/25/2018
39. Haikus (The Autumn) 10/13/2009
40. Adieu! Our Guest Birds 10/30/2008

Comments about Naseer Ahmed Nasir

  • Alex Sarich Alex Sarich (1/25/2017 10:56:00 AM)

    very good write well worth the read.

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (4/15/2010 10:00:00 AM)

    The Spirit (for Naseer A. Nasir)

    Flicker down the mournful halls
    Of glaring ice,
    Flash onto Sirius or Aldebaran,
    Unlatch pulsating gaols,
    Surround us with solace
    To keep the Child in hearts
    So close to Creator's endeavour;

    In glare of eternity,
    As the beauty is settled
    You drift along a place
    Where eagles fly,
    Defining essentials
    To succeed in a taken battle
    Soaring amid
    The yielding bells of human sky;

    Born in the wonderland,
    A spirit erasing shades
    Painting serenity, peace,
    All Universe in motion,
    Any radiance or dimness
    That nature emanates,
    Holding to balance
    And divine proportion;

    Uncovering wisdom
    Of the higher world's gates,
    You climb to mountains' peaks
    To sanctify sensations -
    This gift - it arises
    Out of Clear and takes
    To the ninth heaven
    Of our souls' purification.

    Yelena M (Russian Federation)

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (4/15/2010 9:48:00 AM)

    You Are Above All This, Naseer

    You are the Sun
    Which can not be hidden
    By transient clouds
    Which do not last for long
    Purified by the flame of your poetry!

    You are the Moon
    Which fearless fights
    The darkest night
    Whether we look on or not
    You, outshine all the stars!

    You are the Butterfly
    Spreading joy to all
    Forgetting caterpillar
    And cocoon days
    Choosing not to be shackled by pettiness!

    Fly my Koel, my Cuckoo
    As you spread wings and rise
    Above into the azure skies
    The muddy mire of earth
    Can never dream to touch you!

    Angelina Pandian (India)

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (4/15/2010 9:40:00 AM)

    Naseer, Don't Ever Say Good Bye!

    How do you sing your songs
    Just so sweetly - Like
    Golden Honey peach
    Soft and luscious
    Dripping with wisdom
    Each line each word
    Plucked with such care
    And arranged so wonderfully.
    I hear your song wafted
    Gently with the breeze
    It flies across to reach
    A million souls which wait
    To quench their thirst
    At the cool deep spring
    The oasis we call Naseer's Poems.
    Your flow of thoughts, dear friend
    Matches the flow of colours & hues
    Woven with skill and so resplendent
    The play of words it plays tag
    With the shadows and the wind
    Your poems float like a song
    From a flute no words only soul
    It soothes, surrounds, fills
    And sinks into my soul
    Like dew drops of the early morning
    Like rain drops on parched desert land
    I do not read but only read
    And let out a soft sigh!
    Now, I hear you say, Good bye
    Dear friend, I can not bear
    To hear such words so painful
    Like hot lead poured into my ear
    There are tears in my eye
    And I cry!
    Do not say good bye, Naseer
    Not yet, not so soon, never
    Please do not say good bye
    Do you plan to migrate
    Like a Sarus crane to other lands
    Do tell me I shall spread my wings
    To join you on your journey too
    Be the leading one flying into the sun
    We shall follow in formation behind
    You leave me dumbfounded
    Bewildered, aghast I find myself
    Suddenly all so alone in a fog
    Why? Why do you say good bye?
    My heart keeps asking, why?

    Angelina Pandian (India)

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (3/22/2010 12:22:00 AM)

    From: Eliza Keating (glasgow United Kingdom; Female; 43)
    To: Naseer Ahmed Nasir
    Date Time: 3/21/2010 1: 17: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: from eliza

    hi, what a great piece of writing, you use such expressive and rich text.which has clearly not been lost in translation well done, eliza..folk of feodora's lane.

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (3/16/2010 9:51:00 AM)

    From: Jerry Buckley (Brentwood, TN United States; Male; 53)
    To: Naseer Ahmed Nasir
    Date Time: 3/16/2010 9: 30: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: windows

    sweet.....even though we are from different cultures and backgrounds, you and I are using many of the same concepts and even expressions in our poetry....excellent job of transcending the differences and appealing to the universal

    Jerry Buckley / Voice of One

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  • Cheryl Griffith (3/14/2010 5:15:00 PM)

    I read 'A dream fallen out of sleep' and I thought it was very interestiong even the name. Reminds me of the link between dreams and relality and sometimes its not really a dream but a reality. Anyway I liked it. Also the repetition made it interesting.

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  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (3/2/2010 12:01:00 AM)

    From: Apoet Bangla (India ;)
    To: Naseer Ahmed Nasir
    Date Time: 3/1/2010 6: 34: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: your creation

    thankful to make me touch with your writings.
    perhaps you are a poet by your birth I think.
    so easy is your utterance and so smooth, really ovrwhelming.
    I think your Identity should be univrsal.
    Dr. Anand has done the perfect choice of work which one life can not always get the opportunity.

    Stay on your feet long long-


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  • Vanessa Cabrera (3/1/2010 2:58:00 AM)

    Window is very nice one, it only says that you have so many experienced in life, you saw so many things, and i love it so much.I'd learned a lot. Thank you.

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  • Leila Taghavi (2/27/2010 5:49:00 AM)

    Thanks for deep translation on Windows

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Best Poem of Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Dreams Lost In Water

No distance ever separates
Dreams and desires
No mirror ever dissolves
Reflection and water
In one's eye

What graph would you make
Of lines of thought?
The triangle of pain
Is without any angle

Countless races
Have dreams alike
But sleep and night-watch
Are never the same!

Names are forgotten
Codes alone come to mind
In nuclear setups

Dreams of radiant generations
Are smitten
By atomic explosions
Cities sink
Nuclei dissipate
Orbits dwindle
What remains
Are terra and sol
In the dance of death
God is a ...

Read the full of Dreams Lost In Water

A Meaningless Poem

When they follow you like dogs
In the forest of silence,
Itch-afflicted, skeletal loneliness
When it litters
Offspring of dreams
In shallow ponds of evenings;
The crows perched
On branches of the sun
Then fly away.

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