Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Freshman - 622 Points (April 01,1954 / Pakistan)

Naseer Ahmed Nasir Poems

1. There Weren'T Tears In My Eyes For So Many Days 5/19/2015
2. Apollo And Athena...A Poem Scribbled In The State Of Abeyance! 7/11/2016
3. There Comes A Time 7/12/2016
4. God! Let A Tear Of Mine Drift In Rains 7/12/2016
5. The Sleepwalking 7/13/2016
6. Sermon Of The New Buddha 7/13/2016
7. A "One-Day Utopia" 7/13/2016
8. An Evening At Gloria Jeans 7/15/2016
9. The History Shall Mourn (In Vain) 7/15/2016
10. Tell Me Lumberjack What Will You Sell Now? 7/25/2016
11. Death In Between Dream And Slumber 7/15/2016
12. Poetry Is The Blossom Of Earth 7/13/2016
13. Spectrogram Of A Pictorial Poem (Translation By Bina Biswas) 7/11/2016
14. An Awaken Ocean-Woman On A Shore Of Sleep 7/12/2016
15. A Purgatory Of Foggy Dreams 11/4/2012
16. The Fifth Loner 11/6/2012
17. I Had Seen The Ultimate Poetry 11/6/2012
18. Song Of The Dark 11/1/2012
19. In The Dream Territory Of A Woman 11/1/2012
20. The Living Catacomb 8/2/2016
21. Trees Of Dreams 7/12/2016
22. Haikus (The Autumn) 10/13/2009
23. I Want To Rise With You 7/11/2016
24. Haikus (The Night) 10/15/2009
25. Light Cones 10/30/2008
26. Living Trophies 11/1/2008
27. The Fifth Loner.. Translation By Yasmeen Hameed 10/25/2010
28. Climax Of A Long Story 4/22/2009
29. Prayer In Space Gaols 7/5/2009
30. A Poem For Aniqa 11/4/2008
31. Continuity 10/31/2008
32. Bon Voyage Verse 10/31/2008
33. Epistle To An Old Friend 11/13/2008
34. Haikus (The Women) 10/7/2009
35. Lullaby For Lost Generations 10/29/2008
36. Where Did You See Her? 11/4/2008
37. Crab Nebula 5/14/2009
38. Cross On One's Own Shoulder 4/22/2009
39. Haiku 11/4/2008
40. How Good Was Youth! 4/2/2009
Best Poem of Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Dreams Lost In Water

No distance ever separates
Dreams and desires
No mirror ever dissolves
Reflection and water
In one's eye

What graph would you make
Of lines of thought?
The triangle of pain
Is without any angle

Countless races
Have dreams alike
But sleep and night-watch
Are never the same!

Names are forgotten
Codes alone come to mind
In nuclear setups

Dreams of radiant generations
Are smitten
By atomic explosions
Cities sink
Nuclei dissipate
Orbits dwindle
What remains
Are terra and sol
In the dance of death
God is a ...

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A Meaningless Poem

When they follow you like dogs
In the forest of silence,
Itch-afflicted, skeletal loneliness
When it litters
Offspring of dreams
In shallow ponds of evenings;
The crows perched
On branches of the sun
Then fly away.

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