Lighthouse Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir


Rating: 4.6

Tell me, O moisture
Halted in the eternity of my eyes
Which stagnant epoch has confined you!
God weeps rain
On some land of pain
Why only one dropp of my tear
Has stuck on His lashes.

Tell me, O breeze of shores
The name of the city
In which she waits for me
Who told me in a drenched voyage
love is an island, grief the sail!
Tell me the releaving spell
I will perform the ritual
Of departing
And will meet her
In long rows of stony pillars
I will hold her in my arms
And will hand over her
Odysseys of the lands
In exchange for only one kiss!

Tell me, O sign of light
Whether the images of peak-less
Rocks beneath the water
Are abstraction of olden centuries
Lying on the verge of eternity
Or sculptures of unreflected
Shrieks of slaves
Rowing in a fable!

Tell me, O magical bird
Flying over the waning immensity of time
Where is she
Whose memories have
Anchored the mast of ancient voices
In my heart.
Tell me, O star on land
Why travellers
Dream about you?

Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir,1994
Translated from the original Urdu into English by Parveen Tahir
Copyrights (C) All rights reserved

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: ancient,dreams,journey,love,myths,ocean,voyage
Yelena M. 23 March 2009

This superb poem would go to my favourites just for these lines: 'Who told me in a drenched voyage love is an island, grief the sail! ..'. As a whole it bears hints of eternity which makes the soul fly over time. A true pleasure to read and think about! Also reminded me of a song: 'Cause I was lost, somehow drifting away Was almost gone, You brought me to life again So let me be your lighthouse..'. Best wishes. A.

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Jack Price 23 March 2009

This truly is a wonderful poem and the relation to the holy spirit is evident starting with the title. I truly enjoyed it. I was impressed with the fellow poet's comment about some of your work possibly becoming classics. I am in agreement with Mr. Zuccaro. If a poet truly loves writing I think it should be a long range goal to have at least one of your pieces become a classic. I will continue to read your work.

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Obed Souza 07 April 2009

An epic! Everytime I stop by poemhunter, I´ve got to hit one of your poems! I think I´m getting addicted to your style.10!

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Obinna Eruchie 15 May 2009

it is wonderful. a lovely poem with a good discription.

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Obed Souza 16 May 2009

It´s so beautiful! The imagery... I Just loved it without any logical reasons, I like the way it sounds, the word choice...... know what? It touched me It´s so.... let me put it this way: aristocratic!

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Shahzia Batool 14 May 2013

all addresses are beautiful esp.Tell me, O star on land Why travellers Dream about you?

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Alison Cassidy 06 January 2010

This is a superb poem. A beautifully crafted ode to your lighthouse, lush with vibrant images that live on in memory long after the page has been turned. A highly romantic reflection on an ancient symbol of light and mystery: 'O moisture, halted in the eternity of my eyes... O breeze of shores... O sign of light... O magical bird Flying over the waning immensity of time...' You have certainly done your lighthouse justice, Naseer. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Abdullah Musa 07 December 2009

This is d makin of orginal mind. It truly moisten my burning heart.

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Patrick A. Martin 20 July 2009

My God Naseer this is wonderful a masterpiece no less.

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Winnie Angel 18 July 2009

its pricsless in terms of the thoughts and the beauty of the love.......Winnie

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