() Theres A Part Of Me Poem by Silent Speaker

() Theres A Part Of Me

Rating: 2.8

I want to be the bad girl
the wild and crazy one

I want to be the enthusiastic chick
the wonderful fun

I want to have no limits
nothin to tie me down
I want to be extreme
to anything I don't want to be bound

Yet theres a part of me
That setted down I want to be

I want to be the pastors wife
the one to be a listening ear

I want to be strong with faith
the shoulder for your tears

I want to show all my concern
to give Godly advice
I want to have ALL of this
but I know i must make a sacrifice

Patrick A. Martin 14 July 2009

Erika I love that you open the doors of your life and let us look in and the way you decribe growing up here is the process we (or most of us experience) . The change from dependency on others to responsabily for ourselves is the passage into adulthood. Welcome aboard - may the path you tread always bring you peace.

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Mario Rios Pinot 13 July 2009

Erika, I like your poem. Obviously its in two parts perhaps in conflict but maybe not? We are different people to different people at different places and times. The first time I heard this I was amazed. I had thought that I could be the same to everyone, whatever all that means. Erika, you have a talent in, whats the word? transforming, your experiences into poetry or your imaginary situations. You use understandable words, what I call Anglo words, short and direct, easy to read, as if you had the reader in mind a bit. You might want to experiment with longer sentences, maybe some words with the same vowel or consonant sounds. Keep writing.

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Cory Davis 12 July 2009

The last line is my favorite part. I really see the conflict there.

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