Missing Piece Poem by Silent Speaker

Missing Piece

Rating: 2.3

Missing Piece

Hurt and Broken
I'm on my own
feelings of pain
as I'm all alone

Lost in darkness
No light at all
Still sad and weary
From previous falls

Anger built up
Pushed inside
None but one will see
What I try to hide

Christ is that specail one
That healed my shattered heart,
Put the pieces together
and made me beautiful art

He saw me broken
restored me to new
took away my pain
and brought me joy too

He became my light
The darkness is gone
And I will forever praise Him
From this moment on

He took away my anger
Made me righteous in His name
brought me back to life
without any shame

For Christ was the missing piece
That made me whole
And now to truly serve Him
is my life goal

Afzal Shauq 24 August 2009

He saw me broken restored me to new took away my pain and brought me joy too its really a very perfect and done from the core of your sweet and kind heart but spritually, your breaking and re assembling and againbecoming a soul of pleausre, satisfactions and the pain lleading to your completion..all these stages here in this poem is wonderfully done and I liked this poem..as you are writing always good poetry..well done..10/10

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Cory Davis 12 May 2009

This is beautiful. It's when we're hurt most that God speaks to us.

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Nangula Immanuel 12 April 2009

Thank you Erika! thanx 4 sharing and reminding me that with Christ I am whole. this going to my fav poems list. Great stuff!

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Joseph Poewhit 01 April 2009

Take up your cross daily and follow me.

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