These White Walls Poem by Samantha Collins

These White Walls

i open my eyes to see everything pass me by;

i see my dreams
and my mistakes.
i see my loves
and my heartbreaks.
i see my mother
and my father.
i see the before
and then the after.
i see everything at once
and then i blink
and it's gone, again.

and i'm back in reality
with these white walls
and fancy names.

no one here sees what i see
or hears what i hear
but they think they can understand me
cause they believe i'm diseased.
but disease is just society's excuse
for different.


a very beautifully crafted poem, an insightful write

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Unwritten Soul 08 July 2010

wow, it so real...I know some people claim that they know us but for the they actually know how we look like and name but rarely understand what actually we are... Even your shadow and mirror cannot understand u although it imitate your act very well...The true u will be seen if u swim through ur own dream, believe yourself and try the best, ignore the bad words...but never use bad words or act badly because we know our self, being bad is like to be like them, instead u must water people with love and friendship then u find a ray of hope even sometimes heart still be broken...Tryst me..nice written poem friend!

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