Murder In Her Eyes Poem by Katellyne Baker

Murder In Her Eyes

Rating: 5.0

Some say she's bitter,
some say she's sweet.
They know her by her shimmer,
Oh how sometimes her crime can be so neat.

She makes her enemies real slick,
she makes her friends so easily.
Although her enemies slaughter is real quick,
but she's a generous person, really.

The murder in her eyes
reveals her disguise,
The taste of her enemies blood,
she cannot recognize.
She seeks for revenge
For only those who caused her agony and avenge.

The murder shows who she truly is.
The sweet girl with a bloody blade in her hand.
Her enemies dead body laying on the floor
as she laughs and hounds as her enemies body rots to the core.

The murder in her eyes is severe...
Something that nobody dares to conquer

They laughed at her in the past,
She knew their life's wouldn't last.
The murder in her eyes hides the tides of her personality
for her enemy's, she loves to rec their reality.

No one ever thought she could do that.
Until they saw her true disguise which showed the murder...
Murder in her eyes.

Amy Marie 10 February 2010

Very intense... a sign of a vividly mature mind ;)

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Raw and rabid yet with a robe of reality.

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Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

Oxnard, Calirfornia
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