Neo Mashua

This Beat - Poem by Neo Mashua

This beat in the feet of my heart, when thought of tears your brain apart. Makes, breaks, or takes away the taste of life. Making you hurt your wife, or differentiating between white and black. Like politics, racial issues are addictive as heroine and crack…
This beat, the giver of life, showing you the wrongs you do to your wife, beating her and being the reason of her strife. Cheating on her with the maid, not knowing that a “shower” won’t rid the issue of AIDS and not to mentioning all the condomless times that you got laid.
I’m talking about a beat, a beat that moves from the streets right into the heart of your feet, blessing you with rhythms of discreet, shh!
I mean silence, as we listen to this little girl’s whinings…walls close in as mommy walks out, daddy whips it out as she screams ouch. Pumped up and high, daddy doesn’t care who’s listening nearby. Little brother catches an eyeful of pants dropping, panties ripped and door shuts.
The beat clouds her veins, as her father’s brutal terror reigns. Daddy’s pleasure gives birth to horrific screams that paint the walls bloody red. Haunting dreams don’t allow her to sleep in her own bed. Hateful thoughts want to see daddy dead. She is enslaved by sex or a slave by sex.
Time flies by, a tummy starts to grow. A sister to her child, a question she wants to know. Tell mommy? But not sure if she’ll be a friend or foe.
The beat takes over, and breaks her mind all over, she becomes heavy as the world is on her shoulders. Breaking her way of thinking, she makes a choice without blinking, poisons dad while he’s drinking, den slits her wrists, not thinking of the risks she’s about to endure. She enters a world of darkness as her beat becomes lifeless….

She and daddy die, to the beat that waved goodbye…

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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