This Is Goodbye Rock/Pop Balled Poem by Misnia Bahri Awaludin

This Is Goodbye Rock/Pop Balled

In long ago memories that pass through us recalled your voice restore my short amnasiya restore what our life use to be how life was young and free no burnt to feel to love heartedly no heartache awakening the sleepless hours from dawn to dust in mute of silent lose in thought of silent glance of love so pure it vanish like wind blows in the sky why it hurt so bad why the burnt like fire arise inside this heartbeat longingly to find him where were you when I needed you the most but emptying that left don't think that i'll come back to find you chances are to much to concel the deepest burnt burying inside this heartbeat I've the true what you've hidden just as this weaken heart recover from the deepest burnt arise but I'm over all your sweet talker and all of that drama you've hidden from me this isn't love to you it's just a game to fool this heart far to long far too much to bury another burnt please don't act like you worry about me I'm half death as I'am I've make it through once but this time is goodbye this heartstrings can't bury it any more this is goodbye don't think that i'll be holding on this is goodbye.

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