This Is Powerful Poem by D Loveday Morris

This Is Powerful

This is Powerful

Power rightly used is powerful
Power justly used is masterful
Powerful Lighthouse DC Mayor;
Powering it up as a key player
Power to the Whitehouse, make #BlackLivesMatter
Powerful streets painted yellow
Power to the blackman and young fellow
Powerful Pastor Kevin McGill
Power takes God's message beyond the pulpit's hill
Powerful are those who are prayer warriors
Power to those who know the saviour
Power to the fighters of people's rights
Powerful are those who are saving lives
Power to the man who loves his wife
Power to those who 'burn out' strive
Power to the keepers of the peace
Power to those who help us sleep
Powerful people, their votes count
Power unused make problems mount
Power to those who stay in school
Powerful are those who aren't just tools
Powerful are the teachers and farmers
Power to the hardworking single mother
Powerful are men who aren't just seed planters
Power to those who are mothers and fathers
Power those who love their fathers
Power to the sisters and brothers
Powerful are the nurses who are trailblazers
Power to those who are family
Powerful are those who love you and me
Powerful know when to break the rules
Powerful don't gladly suffer fools
Powerful leaders don't just rant
Power gets people to take a stance
Powerful is one who knows how to romance
Power is when you take a chance
Powerful are you Mr. Obama
Powerful is when you are a brother's keeper
Power politics give power kicks
Powerful make resources avilable for the sick
Power when you know what make people tick
Power when the news balance views
Powerful when talent get used
Power to those who unite as one
Powerful are those who keep us strong
Powerful are those who write and sing that song that keeps us going on
Powerful are you if you know you are the one, who can break barriers, realise dreams and keep the vision blazing for generations

D. Loveday Morris

June 5,2020

From the Diary of a Jamaican Critical Care Nurse Living and Working in the UK


Saturday, June 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: leadership,power
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