This Life Is Hard But I Go On Poem by Victoria Gauci

This Life Is Hard But I Go On

Rating: 4.6

Through broken glass and faded dreams,
I find a place where I can scream,
This pain is huge and takes me over,
I cannot smell the scent of clover,
I kneel down and count my blessings,
For sometimes life is distressing,
I make my way through each raw minute,
Feeling blessed that I'm still in it,
This life is hard but I go on,
It's my soul journey to walk upon,
I look out from my mind's eye,
Never questioning or asking why,
I know that whatever happens to me,
Is to teach and set me free,
A life taken for granted is not good cause,
Take a breath to think and pause,
I am strong and intelligent,
I know I live with good intent,
The shackles that I once wore,
Can't contain me anymore,
I am free and fly my wings,
Appreciating every thing,
Being true to who I am,
Upon my bravery I do stand.

Alistair Graham 29 January 2014

One among Many Who decided, and for what reason only one tile should be a picture tile Bearing the image of a single flower all the others stare barefaced in envy Could it be, that this ceramic square above the sink is a mistake one short of the job perhaps Even the adhesive rejects its presence trying to force it off from behind In the event of it loosing grip and falling dashing its pretty face on the hard cold floor it would finish up as many rough-edged pieces Maybe there is another like it hidden within the row of cubicles along the wall Perhaps the tile does not wish to be different longing only to be without charge But to wish that it is removed is to ask that it be broken

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Leslie Philibert 29 January 2014

Needs work on the line length, the rumpy-dumpy rhythm doesn`t fit the subject..

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Gajanan Mishra 29 January 2013

Upon my bravery I do stand. Very good. I like it. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Kelvin Owusu 29 January 2013

Some excellent lines, great positive write

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Jasbir Chatterjee 29 January 2014

good poem...I like the courageous attitude...

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Princess Mafantiri 02 May 2018

I am on a difficult life and am trying to be strong but i failMy Mom talled me shocking news:

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Kenneth Maswabi 29 January 2015

i am happy to wrestle the memories of my life's tribulations but i am not at all happy to face more tribulations in my life.Great poem.Thank you

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 29 January 2015

Looking out from mind eye, to the blue sky afar positively. Determination arising from the bottom of heart nicely expressed. Very impressive. Poem deserves popularity it earned. Thanks for sharing

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Pranab K Chakraborty 29 January 2015

I am free and fly my wings, Appreciating every thing, ....... good notion to be a good citizen but at the same time something should be granted as not appreciable.

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Ross Shand 29 January 2014

'I kneel down and count my blessings, For sometimes life is distressing.' Happy as I am, those two lines just made me cringe. .

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Victoria Gauci

Victoria Gauci

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