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Through broken glass and faded dreams,
I find a place where I can scream,
This pain is huge and takes me over,
I cannot smell the scent of clover,

I was driving over the Hoover Dam,
When I received the important call,
My Mother was dying and I had to return,
To be brave and face it all,

You are like a butterfly,
With open wings on air,
Taking flight despite it all,
Leave behind all that despair,

Most days I can get out of bed,
Find something pleasant inside my head,
But then there are days when I want to hide,
From all of pain I have hidden inside,

If you engage me in conversation,
I will tell you what I think,
If you ask me for my opinion,
I will give it,

Life is a series of lessons,
Of which we are supposed to learn,
We are supposed to put out the fires,
Before the flames catch something to burn,

You're gone and I never expected,
For our friendship to wither away,
I never saw it coming, now I'm confused,
I need the words you refuse to say,

I don't understand what our youth are thinking,
With so many thoughts of suicide,
They're cutting themselves to ease the pain,
Feeling no one is on their side,

Dorothy Parker I love your mouth,
Your witted words do splendor,
Sitting 'round the table round,
Money earned to spend more,

My feet are cold,
My skin is dry,
Since winter has come,
I must stay inside,

Let us go my Little Fish,
It is time to make your wish,
I think that you should travel light,
Now blink your eyes to take your flight,

He walks so handsome, tall and lean,
Nothing grander have I seen,
In my son, this child of mine,
Harmonious mirth to ever shine,

In this time I sit here,
With these words inside my head,
I wonder what you're doing,
I should think of other things instead,

What would I not give?
Every possession that I own,
To be able to sit right down,
And have you here alone,

When you were carried within my body,
Your life force was constant and strong,
I relished in your movement and stillness,
Your heartbeat was my rhythm and song,

I'm not going to ask you to love me,
I'm going to pretend that you do,
I'm not going to ask that you need me,
But I'll always be here for you,

A songbird in your throat,
You could hit every note,

You could raise the heavens,
With the gift you were given,

In the midst of Summer's end for thee,

The Fall brings down the colored leaves,

In praise and deed we thrill the Lord,
Like songs the angels sing,
With love and grace we do his will,
Eternal life it brings,

Getting through each single day
Realizing you don’t love me
Has put me in a dizzying haze
You’ve put yourself above me

Victoria Gauci Biography

Artist Profile Victoria Shultz Gauci grew up in Garfield Heights, Ohio during an era of civil and political unrest that created a cultural revolution in America. Raised in family of modest means, Victoria and her four siblings learned early in life to appreciate the small things. Their mother Gail was a force to be reckoned with, and surrounded herself and her children with love and strength of character. Victoria began experimenting with art as a young girl. Inspired by nature and the love of friends and family, Victoria’s works are complex expressions of beauty, color and imagination. Her creativity spans not only the visual arts, but also the written word. Victoria is an engaging and enlightening writer and published poet who is unafraid to expose her deepest emotions and toughest life lessons in a way that readers find relatable. A mother of two sons, Victoria raised her own children with the strong moral values and social responsibility instilled in her from a very early age. She is an award winning foster parent who helped to positively shape the lives and futures of six underprivileged children, as well. Victoria’s work tends to draw one in like a dragonfly to water. Those closest to her describe her as spiritual, kind, thoughtful and loving. All of these traits are apparent in every line that Victoria puts to paper. “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” ~Funkadelics,1970 (Profile written by L. Greenfeather))

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This Life Is Hard But I Go On

Through broken glass and faded dreams,
I find a place where I can scream,
This pain is huge and takes me over,
I cannot smell the scent of clover,
I kneel down and count my blessings,
For sometimes life is distressing,
I make my way through each raw minute,
Feeling blessed that I'm still in it,
This life is hard but I go on,
It's my soul journey to walk upon,
I look out from my mind's eye,
Never questioning or asking why,
I know that whatever happens to me,
Is to teach and set me free,
A life taken for granted is not good cause,
Take a breath to think and pause,
I am strong and intelligent,
I know I live with good intent,
The shackles that I once wore,
Can't contain me anymore,
I am free and fly my wings,
Appreciating every thing,
Being true to who I am,
Upon my bravery I do stand.

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Rick Adriolo 08 July 2013

Truly one of my favourite poets on poemhunter.. She's a very gifted writer with I hope very soon some new poems..

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