Lawrence S. Pertillar
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This...I Promise You

Your heartache.
And anguish experienced.
With such suffering endured.
Has been identified.
To let it known to express,
My focus upon this...
Will remain to stay prioritized.
Like nothing before my eyes,
Have seen.

'Sounds great to hear that!
When can I expect your focus,
To now claim made clearer...
Be for me,
Accepted as effective? '

That's a good question.
Only my optometrist,
Is qualified to answer.
I am telling you this and insist,
Making an appointment...
Will leave you,
With vivid vision.
That I promise.
And the clarity?
Competes with 'high def'.
No joke!

'I can not believe...
How you can easily dismiss,
Or deny...
What is real as truth itself is.'

Are you kidding?
Before my clarity,
I only knew anger.
I rejected,
What I thought my eyes saw.
I thought they were lieing.
I thought...
I was being setup to be,
Betrayed by treason.
My ignorance to live it blindly,
Had me convinced...
What I had been told,
About reality...
Were nothing but juicy lies.
Addicting rumors to spread.
Made too delicious to ignore.

When is this epic tale,
Going to end? '

And then one day...
I walked into a tree.
To see...
These kids using cellphones,
To send selfies.
Done to communicate,
With each other.
To have one of them to me say,
'Old man...?
God gave us all eyes to use.'

I tell you,
Laughter heals!
Try it.
I promise you...
A kept focus on suffering,
And pain to prioritize it,
Makes curing the anguish...
That much more difficult,
To accomplish that mission.

'When you walked,
Into that tree.
When did you notice,
The hearing of loose nuts?
And check this out...
I'm listening to hear them.
Right now.
And not one tree,
Have I yet to walk into.'

Some are born,
Living to take for granted...
The many blessings,
From God they get.

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