(the) Acceptance Of A Nothingness Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

(the) Acceptance Of A Nothingness

Rating: 2.6

Somehow the meaninglessness...
Many describe as senseless,
Has a meaningfulness...
In a useful kind of way.

The acceptance of a nothingness...
As it is applied,
Has a purpose that drives curiosities...
To perceive a conception connected,
With a totalness lived.
Yet arguably not perfected.

And rejecting this completion given,
As 'part of' a mural of existence...
Does not validate,
A separateness.
Like a timeless void without exits.
And since there aren't any witnessed...
It sits.

Since there is an attention given it.
Even within the abstraction that attracts,
A collective misunderstanding of what it is.
Whatever it is,
That we...
You and I try scientifically to determine.
In our limited mindsets to fit it in.

And even if that meaningless nothing,
Is described as senseless...
There is a meaningfulness of it,
That is with us here to stay!

Fiona Davidson 11 May 2009

Excellent write Lawrence...and one that makes me think...Fi 10+++

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Indira Renganathan 17 May 2009

Quitr analytical...suitable title....you sound perfect in second and last stanzas....great thought

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Ric Bastasa 18 August 2009

i completely agree. To become full one must recognize a certain emptiness.

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 21 October 2009

Mr Pertillar, I could never fathom that there would be within me nearly as many writs as you've written to read, here on this Poem hunt free site. Did you write this one poem in leu of all of the other 6579 as an Acceptance of a Nothingness or, and may be the numerous quantity of Something? We do share our work in Taj Mahal Review. Best Wishes for Love and Peace ...louie L.

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 10 May 2009

Philosophical work... Nothingness or somethingness Are all part of this existence......which may be an illusion

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Faith Brigham 13 March 2024

Fantastic and thought provoking poem.

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Roseann Shawiak 11 September 2014

Uncanny poem, I love it! You have one layer on top of another over another, brilliant poem! I too have written about nothing in some of my poems, nothing has great depth doesn't it? Thank you, RoseAnn

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Erika Wingo 26 April 2014

Meanings hidden within meanings... I like it very much!

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Prasanna Kumari 30 October 2012

very abstract writing with layers of meaning....

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Apphia Garcia 08 September 2011

just amazing simply talented i am almost on the brink of tearing up to see the depth of this poem the thought that went into it i wish one day my skill will be almost as good as yours. i loved this

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