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Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Those Old Sayings Told

'Don't cut off your nose.
To spite your face.'

Just one of those old sayings,
So relevant today.
Even the ones who chose,
To hybernate...
Have been stunned awakened,
With disbelief to see...
How their precious comforts,
From them are slipping away.
As the elite and greedy,
Use strategized deceits...
To find new ways to stop,
And mock truth.
Until no longer anywhere,
Is the scent of it sniffed.
Or taken for granted,
Someone somewhere...
Stays aware to remember it.

Enemies depicted,
Hide disguised on the horizon.
Rumors of wars,
Threatening peace...
The rich and those elite warn,
On our shores soon come.
To destroy a way of life,
Already diminished by neglect.
And yet those who have slept,
Rush to protect...
What the wealthy possess.

While blinded are minds kept,
Forced to endorse and accept...
Empty promises they hear.
From podiums and pulpits,
Draped to symbolize...
Delusions and beliefs endeared.

-Whomever is amongst us,
Who lives without sin.
Be they now,
Cast that stone.
And let it be known,
We must do our best...
To arm and protect ourselves,
From those who intend...
With it done to do us harm.
Those of us who can not lose,
What it is we most treasure
And have come to value.-

'But it's you,
Who cut your noses off.
To spite the look,
On your own faces.'

Have someone remove,
That paid dissident!
Is a conformist rally.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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