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You are unseen but also captured
In minds of many you are featured,
You divert the child well nurtured,
On grazing by you animals are pastured.

Eternal he is the peace ocean,
Peace comes here in motion.
Emotion draws the path right,
Devotion brings peace of light.

Many of us have seen that water flows,
Beside stream and rivers new wind blows.
Pond sings song for lotus and dances more,
Waves thrash sands by near far within shore.

With new hope blossoms flower
It spreads fragrances up to tower.
New smile and hope morning brings,
All get freshness with whole things.

On the hill top watch snow,
Cream on leaf does bow.
Snowflake dances in wind,
Beauty prints picture in mind.

It is the time of learning,
Come children in earning.
Earn education soon here,
Learn every word in cheer.

Little birds are chirping,
New morning is turning.
In mother’s nest they are,
Stars have gone very far.

Heaven ridge is calling crown
Calling crown, calling crown
Heaven ridge is calling crown
Eye Dear Daddy

In his creation we are by his grace,
We move and live in this human race.
He has given everything here we need,
He is the true friend on time for indeed.

Proceed, proceed, purple ant
Father's name you ever chant.
All over the day you work,
Never do you fall in jerk.

When the temperature is low,
Winter smiles with sun's glow.
Row of drops of water does flow,
Snow is called this you all know.

While morning comes with light,
It goes to sleep very deep night.
While dream goes away so far,
In far space giggles hiding a star.

We never urge you have given us right,
By mercy everyday you bestow us light.
You are father we are children we know,
Sunshine touches and in love melts snow.

I am waiting to write, my pen is on paper,
I am sitting to write my hand is on gripper.
Thinking for a while here time is only clever,
I am so planning oh God soon you do favour.

Once upon a time there was a daughter,
In family of merchant she was in laughter.
The time came she lost her both parents,
Thirteen brothers left one sister tenants.

This is what many fall in trap of it is greed
For many desires it originates does breed.
Seed is the attachment towards all matters,
For wealth, money or food it always flatters.

Coming slowly you catch my veil and swing,
I dandle you fondle you, for you more I sing.
My life flows towards you blossoms my smile,
Leaving all works I run behind you for a while.

Awake all dear souls you do not sleep
The holy moment comes you do creep.
It is the time for father let us remember
In Confluence Age we are says real braver.

Oh come on and watch in sky is flying dream,
Entire Ocean with salty water is filled in cream.
Everywhere flowing the stream of milk in nature,
Time has come to wait for a while us to nurture.

I am so innocent newly born and crying,
To walk over ground I am more trying.
I do not know when I do fall and stand,
When do me sleep and weak up in land.

Bhargabi Dei Mahakul Biography

Bhargabi Dei Mahakul takes birth at village Nuadihi, Khuntagaon in Lahunipara block of Bonai subdivision of Sundargarh district in the state of Odisha in India as the fourth child and second daughter among her five brothers and sisters. Her father Janardan Palei and mother Hemalata Palei bring her forward for educating properly in spite of financial crisis at that time when woman education remains in a neglected state in rural society. She becomes the role model as early school going girl child of her village and many start going school after her joining. Struggling in path of life she tolerates many more obstacles and proceeds ahead. Her family arranges her marriage with Kumarmani Mahakul and she moves to father-in-law’s home with her husband. Being a mother of two sons she spends her happy family life and still she continues writing. She is highly appreciated by many international poets and writers.)

The Best Poem Of Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Go Away Greed

You are unseen but also captured
In minds of many you are featured,
You divert the child well nurtured,
On grazing by you animals are pastured.

Watching the innocent baby new born
You wait and hide to catch with turn,
While child grows little you blow horn
He starts telling things are my in morn.

You are just like colour changing lizard,
You fill in man really negative wizard.
In minds of many you do bring blizzard,
Fishes and birds enter food to gizzard.

By getting you animals loose a steer,
Birds fly with tending to fall with fear,
They fall in confusion who live in sheer,
You motivate for crime and sticks smear.

You do spoil life oh go away oh greed
People fight for hand of land, and seed.
Please do not stay for negative breed,
People are with God now and in creed.

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Bhargabi palei 26 August 2018

Nani very beautiful

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Robert Murray Smith 07 June 2018

This poetess has impressed me with her wonderful writing skills.

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Life is meaningful and precious. Just awake and realize this truth with time. Then start living with self realization that will bring inner peace.

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul Popularity

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