Thunder In My Heart Poem by keith brown

Thunder In My Heart

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Wake up in the morning
Shake the cobwebs from my head.
Check your place down here beside me.
Swing my feet out off the bed
The sun is coming up
The day is dawning clear
There's thunder in my heart, because
It knows that your not here

Got those early morning blues
Early morning blues drive me wild

Pour myself a cup of coffee
Take a shot of rye
That's the way I start my days now
Since the day you said goodbye
The sun is coming up
The sky's turning early morning blue
There's thunder in my heart
that's when I most miss you

Got those early morning blue
Early morning blues drive me wild

Now the sun is going down
Moon is on the rise
Time too lay me down again
Close my weary eyes.
Sleep don't come easy,
I don't want too meet the day

There's thunder in my heart
Since the day you went away.

Monday, April 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: lonely,love
Keith Brown 29 April 2020

Thanks for reading glad it touched you enough to comment cheers Keith

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Susan Williams 28 April 2020

I feel that poignant refrain makes a lasting impact on the reader. Well written poem!

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 April 2020

there every part of nature lives lonely but as substitute in necessary everything gets together but withing love

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