Time A Continuous Dream Poem by Savita Tyagi

Time A Continuous Dream

Rating: 5.0

Time a continuous dream-
Watch its workings in every being.

Eons back
Like a dream I left my mother-father
For a new life beyond imagination farther.
Next time I went to visit my home
A big smile on mother's face was donned.

The joy vibrated from every vein
Of her plump body while
Her open arms gathered me.

Oh! That soft tenderness exited
Like a dream before my next visit.
Disseverance of life force from
Her bodily frame shook me to my core.
My first deep experience
Of life as being a dream.

Since then many a moments
Have brought new presence
And many have disappear in oblivion.

I look at the dawns and I watch sunset.
I watch the snow- covered mountains
And I hear the icebergs breaking from glacier
Forever is an illusion.....
Yet a Power defies the vague boundaries of time

I delight in spring flowers,
And fruitfulness of summer.
The seasons create a permanence
Around life built upon impermanence.
Here the Infinity is in the clutches of finite.
Maya, dream, illusion....
The magic of Zoe is greater than any word!


Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: Life,Illusion
Harley White 17 July 2021

Lovely expression of life's passage in poetic imagery...

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Parameswaran Nair 28 April 2021

It's really a Marvell poem unraveling the uncertainty of reunion with your beloved mom. It's great Savitaji

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me poet yeps poet 14 March 2021

MA'AM thank god Moms Smiles rises to 91/500 THANKS PH

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me poet yeps poet 14 March 2021

inthis new site no onr reads no body u have not read me

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