Moon's Child Poem by Savita Tyagi

Moon's Child

Rating: 5.0

Night is stygian sans of stars
Dark mood shares kinship
With black sky of new moon
Moon's jubilant child I am shedding
The gloom under full moon's glow

Monday, September 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Nature
Daniel Brick 21 October 2014

(This is the fourth time I started typing my response. Something keeps erasing my text!) SO IT GOES, as Billy Pilgrim used to say. - No stars shine in the night sky. Nothing illuminates the night. And that blank black sky parallels a dark mood among humanity, one reflecting the other, accentuating this grim situation. But you are the moon's jubilant child, you embody the pure light of the New Moon, and when it shines on things it brings emotional light as well. This is a mysterious rescue (I referred to Elizabeth Bishop's poem ONE ART in my text message. Serendipity! It's Today's Poem on the HOME PAGE.)

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 26 October 2014

Great imagery......affinity of dark mood with new moon and transforming gloominess unto happiness at the arrival of full moon.......outstanding piece

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Daniel Brick 30 October 2014

Savita, I already added this poem to my list. It's a wonderful evocation of the moon's special rapport with poets. I too am a moon-struck poet! I like the way you acknowlege the moon's often negative impact on people's moods and THEN take on the the mission of altering that baleful effect AND YOU SUCCEED, earning the gratitude of poets (and people) everywhere. This poem is based on an ancient notion that poet's have (for lack of a more precise word) magical powers. And this poem illustrates a portion of that magic!

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Khalida Bano Ali 17 November 2014

A beautiful short poem.............10

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Valsa George 18 November 2014

Moon's jubilant child I am shedding The gloom under full moon's glow It is so possible that such an effect is produced in us by the sight of this radiant Queen of the night! I have written a poem to this effect.... Lunar Influence! Enjoyed the rich brevity of this write!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 January 2022

On the corpus of this beautiful poem, I wish you happy new year dear madam...stay blessed by the bless of God

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 August 2021

Revisiting... magnificent poem!

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Varsha M 01 February 2021

Moon's child makes it brilliant bright once again.

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Varsha M 01 February 2021

Moon sans stars is dull indeed

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Dr Dillip K Swain 06 January 2021

A brilliant little work on nature! I read your recent poem...a poem of value and great substance but unfortunately I couldn't place my comment there because you have closed your comment box for that specific poem!

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