Savita Tyagi Poems

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A Poet's Heart

He had a poet's heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer's heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird's mate

A Piano

Sometime I wish I had a piano
In a long list of wishes may be another addition
Or if my pen was a piano key
On lazy afternoons of summer

In A World Of Poetry

Loved to write as far back as memory goes
Without any thought for a verse to compose

Poetic expressions of innate creativity

Moon's Child

Night is stygian sans of stars
Dark mood shares kinship
With black sky of new moon
Moon's jubilant child I am shedding

A Bouquet Of Words

Words are like flowers.
Each one gives its own fragrance,
And imparts its own beauty.

Powers Lie In Us

Endowed with knowledge we
Acquire the power of a counselor.

Cultivating equanimity we

The Banyan Tree

Sitting under the Banyan tree I watch the water hitting its raised roots
Restless and agitated as a disturbed mind.
It's effervescence matching my own state of mind.
On the sun baked land the Banyan tree stands alone in silent meditation.

Falling Snowflakes

I dream of climbing the mountains
Yet avoid the uphill battle of
Neighborhood streets!

A Chinese Proverb And My Thought

A friend wrote a Chinese proverb,
Said 'she strongly believes in it.'

"An invisible thread connects those

A Flicker In The Silence

When searching for solutions,
Intellect can be as great an obstacle
As our emotional being,
If it prefers to construct its own truth

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