Savita Tyagi Poems

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A Poet's Heart

He had a poet's heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer's heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird's mate

In A World Of Poetry

Loved to write as far back as memory goes
Without any thought for a verse to compose

Poetic expressions of innate creativity

A Piano

Sometime I wish I had a piano
In a long list of wishes may be another addition
Or if my pen was a piano key
On lazy afternoons of summer

Moon's Child

Night is stygian sans of stars
Dark mood shares kinship
With black sky of new moon
Moon's jubilant child I am shedding

Powers Lie In Us

Endowed with knowledge we
Acquire the power of a counselor.

Cultivating equanimity we

A Chinese Proverb And My Thought

A friend wrote a Chinese proverb,
Said 'she strongly believes in it.'

"An invisible thread connects those

A Flicker In The Silence

When searching for solutions,
Intellect can be as great an obstacle
As our emotional being,
If it prefers to construct its own truth

A Night Before Full Moon And Memories Of Holi

Beautiful is the moon, just before
The night of full moon. Specially if
One can watch it late at night or
Early morning in the western sky.

A Bouquet Of Words

Words are like flowers.
Each one gives its own fragrance,
And imparts its own beauty.

A Day Of Thanksgiving

Thanks for beautiful blue skies
Thanks for fragrant air silently filling the garden
Thanks for colorful fall leaves
Swirling and dancing through air even in their demise

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