Time Flies Poem by Jim Yerman

Time Flies

Yesterday we took a little road trip…to Lakeland, Florida we roamed
to help our eldest grandson, his girlfriend and their dog move in to their new home

Two quick notes about time…two facts we can't deny….
how sometimes it moves quite slowly…while other time…it flies.

I remember when he was born…the first day he was alive…
I remember it as if it was yesterday…next month he'll turn 25.

I remember when he was a small child…I remember the smiles we would share…when I lifted him up with one hand and held him high up in the air.

He's now too old and too big for me to lift him high above my head…
so from his truck into his house…I lifted his boxes instead.

When I lifted that first box I immediately became aware
of that first time 24 years ago…when I lifted him up into the air.

Another note about time is it's unusual friendship with our mind
how, though time only looks forward…she allows us to look behind.

Which is why I could see my 24 year old grandson…
in his new house…
with his girlfriend
with his dog
see my 24 year old grandson…
right before me…
standing there….
at the same time I saw him as a two year old
sharing a smile with me
as I lifted him
with one hand
and held him up in the air.

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