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Time Is Infinite

Since the formation of universe
I have been witness to the evolution
Be it humans, animal, birds, nature
Me and circumstances have been
Part of every creature on earth since then
All have been given equal opportunity to excel
Human civilization is nothing but events
All are equal before me without exception
Be it king, pauper, rich and, oppressed
I have seen the eraof ignorance and darkness
I have been a co-travellersof all prophets, saints
Philosophers, poets, thinkers, be it Moses, David
Jesus, Mohammed, Ram, guru Nanak, Aristotle,
Socrates, Alexander Gallelio, Ashoka, Akbar. Gandhi
Abraham Lincoln, Nehru, Confucius, Rumi, Ghalib
And others down the ages and their messages to humanity

I have been witness to reign of terror of Halaku, chengez
Khan, Hitler, Mussolini, Pharaoh, Nadir shah and Nero

It was my misfortune to witnesscrucifixion of Jesus,
poisoning of Aristotle, Socrates, assassinations of
Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi,
Rajiv Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr and President
JF Kennedy.And house arrest of Gallelio till death
for telling truth that earth rotates around thesun
andnot other way around. Then considered as blasphemy

knowing Despite war has never brought peace
on mother earth still trillions of human beings
sacrificed at the altar nationalism, patriotism
for wealth, women and for reason of power
and Intolerance whereas all religion's message
is for peace and peace only
What an irony, I found human beings always
on the path of intolerance being homo sapiens.
I am sad at heart seeing the increasing trust
deficit among men. There is break down in
family values, lack ofconcerns and care
for fellow humans.
I was fortunate to witness undying love
of lovers who laid their lives for their
beloveds. Lovers like Romeo Juliet,
LailaMajni Sheri Farhad, Wamik Azra,
and Soni Mehiwal will live on till eternity
and would be an inspiration for people
of all generation to come.

I enjoy bliss of spring, rain and winter
and also share the sorrow of autumn
knowing it is harbinger of spring.I
rejoice mighty waves, morning breeze,
romantic moonlight, shining stars, ice
covered mountains, flow of crystal clear
streams songs of birds, musical rain, lush
green meadows

I have witnessed the rise and fall of great
human civilization down the ages including
great empires and recent advancement
in the fields of science and technology
on unprecedented scales.The wonder
of men landing on the moon and their
endeavours to settle on planets beyond stars.

I am indeed sad and worried for human
race since in their greed for development
they are destroying the mother earth.
If the present phase of destruction not
checked, the mother earth will turn into
fire boll. Then men cannot eat money! !

I am time not only powerful and
resourceful but final arbiter of human
Destiny. Whomsoever had made good
use of me have been successful in life.Mamutty chola

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